Why I run a group for women in Bitcoin
Rhian Lewis

While I very much do appreciate and support the idea of creating a meetup less exclusive for women: We see it over and over: car seatbelts are designed for the male frame, making women significantly less safe in the case of an accident; the largest manufacturer of artificial hearts makes models that fit 86 per cent of men but only 20 per cent of women; many smartphones and TV remotes are too large for most women to use one-handed.

That entire paragraph is ridiculous. Car seatbelts? Get custom ones then. In the case of artificial hearts, that is because the vast majority of patients needing them are male. And if your smartphone is too big to use one handed? Buy one that isn’t. The world is capitalist, what is produced is what is demanded by consumers. While your overall point remains entirely valid, these examples you gave are frankly ridiculous and hurt your overall point.

I wish you well and good luck, and like anyone(this is not specifically directed at you because you are a woman) you should work on refining the support for your overall position.