Try Hello Hipmunk™ to Chat Before You Pack

Today we announced that Hello Hipmunk™, our free, virtual travel planning assistant, is now out of beta and can answer more kinds of travel questions than ever before. To make Hello Hipmunk even easier to use, it is also integrated into Facebook Messenger and Slack.

We launched Hello Hipmunk in November of last year for use on email and calendars. The newest iteration of our virtual travel assistant is able to parse more complex questions posed in plain English and deliver more far-reaching results. Now that the feature is also on Messenger and Slack, you can make travel plans on the platforms you are already using to chat.

“The average traveler runs 20 searches when planning a trip. Hello Hipmunk shrinks that process to one simple conversation. It can process tons of information from flight pricing to room availability and synthesize it instantly,” said Adam Goldstein, CEO and co-founder of Hipmunk.

Hello Hipmunk now answers questions that happen earlier in the planning process. Rather than just providing flight and accommodation options when asked about specific dates and destinations, we can give advice and recommendations and respond to questions like, “What’s the best time to go to Cancun from Chicago?”

“Running multiple searches to get advice and research options is inefficient and, eventually, will be a thing of the past. Now Hello Hipmunk lets travelers ask questions from platforms they’re already talking on, and deliver the answers there, too,” said Nancy Hang, Vice President of Product at Hipmunk. “We want to make it easy for people to type something like, ‘I’d like to take a beach vacation from Minneapolis in March’, and see options instantly.”

Here’s how Hello Hipmunk is simplifying travel planning:

Advice and Research

  • You can ask things like, “Show me the best flights from JFK to San Diego” or “I’d like to take a romantic vacation from Seattle in September.” Then, Hello Hipmunk taps into its large dataset of itineraries, room inventory, and pricing to provide contextually relevant advice instantly.

Preferences and Alerts

  • You can tell Hello how you like to travel by using phrases such as “show me non-stops only” or “I prefer United Airlines” or “I’d like the cheapest flight”. Travelers can also request to receive price alerts based on their inquiries.

Personalization and Context

  • Hello Hipmunk understands the context of your conversation, just like a real-life personal assistant. For example, if you type, “I’d like to fly to Portland from Chicago next weekend,” Hello Hipmunk knows the dates for next weekend, remembers you’re flying to Portland, and can show hotels for those same dates, too.



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