(From theholisticvocalist.com blog for singers)

January 11, 2017

Ahhhh the evils of Facebook……so very necessary for networking, sharing information, communication and of course showing off! (Let’s not beat around the bush here……..)

I was lunching with a fellow singer last week and we were talking about how painful that scroll through online platforms such as Facebook or Instagram can be. When work is quiet, being a voyeur of other’s successes and fun is detrimental to ones mindset. I’ve had this conversation recently with many musicians — great and successful musicians! …

(From theholisticvocalist.com blog for singers)

An ex student of mine got in touch with me today to ask for any tips on what can be called ‘red light fever’. The expression is so called because no matter how confident we are when singing in a live setting, often in the studio we crumble once the ‘record’ button is pushed. I reckon even the most experienced of players or singers starts to ‘overthink’ when aware that they are being recorded. Shoved in a booth looking at a blank felt wall is not the most inspiring of environments to produce a heartfelt…

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Highly experienced singer (Incognito, Chaka Khan, Emeli Sande, Lou Reed, Anastasia) offering guidance and tips in technique, health and mindset for vocalists.

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