The Holy Ones Weekly Update # 12.

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Let´s get to it!

The updates are coming, the updates are coming!

THO Holy War.

We wanted to share a little bit of the upgrades to our games that we are now implementing on our Holy War tables and our THO Gaming ecosystem.

UI/UX speed increase and bug fixes.

The implementation of a new Treasury contract for our Holy Ones Gaming Ecosystem.

The token holding contract (The Treasury) is a smart contract that allows the user to take the balance on their wallet ( ETH, $Mana, etc ) and redirect the funds of their choice to the tokens necessary for them the play our games.

The games will start with one token that can be deposited (Polygon Mana, the same token we use for all txns in dcl) This allows upgrading the smart contract constantly to add new polygon-hosted tokens for you to play with, ( ApeCoin, stablecoins, etc ) as the original proxy can point to a newly deployed token holding contract and start running it in our games.

In layman´s terms, imagine in one gaming session: Playing a few rounds of Holy War, going next to a booth of Manamania and purchasing a ticket, and then switching over to one of our soon-to-be-released Holy Blackjack tables and playing a few more rounds… All within a matter of seconds and all from the same deposit in the Holy Temple!

All of our games will be updated with this new Treasury contract, which includes all games on The Sea of Red Devil Scene, and the Holy Temple pretty soon.

Important: If you have $Mana turned into Holy Mana Chips in our cashier at this time, please log in and withdraw them in the special Moses Section of the Holy Temple before we deploy the new changes. A more in-depth write-up/document that will further explain this new treasury contract and how it runs, and will positively affect our ecosystem moving forward, will be available soon, but in the meantime, hit any of our scenes, interact with the new contract and the cashier will take care of you.

It´s a good day to play a few rounds and test our games, and it´s a good day to pick up a few more Holy Ones!

Become a Holy insider!

A brand new Holy Insiders category and related channels are created in the Holy Ones Server.

The Holy Insiders are a new group of highly active Holy Ones Holders , Holy Admins , Language ambassadors, and those who hold a larger amount of NFTs of the Holy Ones.

They are a super involved collection of members of our Holy Community, that will discuss and give their input on non-DAO-related decisions, like marketing and implementation strategies, in a secure and trusted new environment within the server.

To become a Holy Insider you must meet at least one of the following criteria:

a. Level 20 on our Discord with at least 1 THO NFT in their wallet.

b. Have at least 20 THO NFTs in your wallet

c. Be a Holy Admins , The Exalted Ones, or an Ambassador for the community.

More information on our server!

Holy picks:

  • The Votes are in: The Holy Ones Reward Program’s new official name as voted on by the community will be Divine Rewards as suggested by Holy Holder Jflyer!
  • Hashtags #ThatsHoly and #HolyAF are gaining steam! Keep sharing them and the reasons why you love this holy project: Pass the Holy Torch!

See you next week!


-NR, Community Manager.



The Holy Ones is the NFT collection for the truly holy 🙏

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