The Hook 8/1/16

Lil Dicky- Make Belief

This swiftly ascending Philadelphia rapper delivers a riveting statement on his unique position in the rap arena. Rhyming over Drakes Wu-Tang Forever, Lil Dicky offers an exceptional flow and command over the beat, while serving clinically written verses in this nearly seven minute track. Although he claims to bring “jokes to the chart,” his talent is no laughing matter. Lil Dicky offers a novelty appeal to fans of The Lonely Island, while creating content that should certainly appeal to serious rap fans. The rap game better watch out, Lil Dicky may just make us believe.

Jaden Smith ft. dylAn — Bad Day

Jaden Smith is quietly the internets best kept rap secret. Partnered with long time friend dylAn, the two offer listeners a nervously haunting track with vocals that place a gray cloud over both the songs love interest and listener alike. From a lyrical perspective Smith has develop a reputation for weaving through complexities (psychological, social, ect.), which is an attention to detail that listeners must revere.

XELARAIN ft. Inas & Mavo — Never Again

Producer XELARAIN offers an extraordinarily downcast track to complement the thematic concept of breakup — and the emotions that accompany. The angelic vocals by Inas help paint the layers of frustration that build through the song’s depicted characters. The single rap verse by Mavo provide a second perspective to the story of heartbreak helping to round out an intensely robust track. Fans of Odesza may find solace in XELARAIN and his ability to utilize a myriad of stylistic world elements in confluence with basic elements of hip hop to drive emotion. Never Again blew me away upon first listen.

Skrilla ft. VELVETTEARS (Prod. Tülpa) — Lately

Lately is an exceptionally somber and heartfelt track again, deals with the concept of heartbreak, and perhaps even addiction. Tülpa is one of my favorite producers on SoundCloud, as he once again provides a searing piano performance complemented by subtle digital elements. The track is clean, hypnotic, and purely velvet to the ears.

Abstract Kids — Spyro (Prod. Knx)

When two young rappers ryhme over ‘90’s inspired production magic is created. The Abstract Kids, a duo comprising of Ben Beal and Reece Geller offer two smooth minutes of boom bap artistry. Their flows are smooth, their rhymes are witty, and their production (Knx)is premier — I find myself keeping this song on repeat. The future is bright for the Abstract Kids in tandem or individually.

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