The House Residency — We’re Now Investing in Startups

Credit: Architect and Designer — FENNIE + MEHL Architects | Photographer — Omied Arvin

UPDATE 9/7/17: We’re now investing up to $120k in startups. See for more.

AT THE HOUSE we’ve always been focused on providing game-changing support to UC Berkeley’s student, faculty, and alumni founders at all stages. Today we’re excited to announce a new resource to enable the next generation of Berkeley founders — we will now be investing up to $20,000 in startups that join The House Residency.

Until now, startups that joined the equity-free Residency program have not received direct investment upon joining. Now, in addition to the existing support provided through the Residency, founders have access to up to $20,000 to get their business off the ground. Teams will receive $2,000 plus an additional $4,500 per founder totaling up to $20,000. Investments will be made as an uncapped SAFE.

We’ve seen over the last few months that for some founders, even a small amount of capital can make a big difference, whether it be to help cover the cost of living or help cover early startup costs.

In addition to up to $20,000 in funding, founders joining The House Residency get access to dedicated office space and access to The House’s network of mentors, investors, customers, and more (summarized below).

We’ve built the Residency to be flexible in serving a diverse set of founders — we have undergraduate dropouts working alongside EECS faculty and serial founders coming back to build their next business. At its core, The House Residency is a community of like-minded founders working side by side and supporting one another on a mission to build the future.

Big picture, The House is a startup institute for Berkeley with three core initiatives. The House Founders community brings together student hackers, makers, and builders working on projects and startups. The House Residency, which we’re building on today, is our startup support platform to provide Berkeley startups at all stages what they need, when they need it. The House Fund is a pre-seed and seed stage venture fund investing in Berkeley’s top startups. We’ve already seen several case studies of founders progressing through all three programs in our pipeline of support and we expect to enable many more of these stories with this new funding.

We’re proud to have backed some of Berkeley’s fastest growing startups and couldn’t be more excited to help seed the next generation of industry-defining Berkeley student, faculty, and alumni startups. Go Bears!

Startups can apply here by May 10th — Questions? Shoot us an email —

UPDATE: New applications will be accepted Fall 2017. Exact dates TBA.

Credit: Architect and Designer — FENNIE + MEHL Architects | Photographer — Omied Arvin

The House Residency

Up to $20,000 in Funding — Teams will receive $2,000 plus an additional $4,500 per founder totaling up to $20,000 with additional funding on a case by case basis. Investments will be made as an uncapped SAFE.
Dedicated Office Space — Dedicated office space in the heart of Berkeley at our award-winning space — The House (2560 Bancroft Way). Work amongst other founders, gain easy access to The House’s network, and reduce the cost of starting up.
Mentorship — Get paired with an experienced founder in your space and to The House’s mentor network for help solving specific challenges along the way.
Community — Get plugged into The House’s community of founders to learn from and lean on along the way.
Free Stuff — Tens of thousands of dollars in free resources and services, from legal, to server credits.
Customers — relationships with the Fortune 500 and more to give our companies access to needed network to connect with potential customers.
Fundraising — relationships with top angels and venture funds.
Events — A series of events providing access to education, fundraising, and more.
Talent —Support recruiting the best Berkeley talent

The House is a startup institute built for Berkeley, and home to Berkeley’s founders. We help build foundations for great businesses with a support platform providing founders at all stages with what they need, when they need it. See recent coverage in the Wall Street Journal, UC Berkeley Press, and LA Times.