7 months in the job as an 18 year old…

Who am I? I’m Rafael, I’m 18 years old, I’m a branding and marketing strategist, 7 months ago I applied for an apprenticeship, I got three interviews, I knew this job was the dream job I wanted of the other jobs that were offered to me, and guess what? I got it. 7 months later, I’m here firing this blog post at you! So, where am I at now? What have I learned? What have I experienced?

7 months into the job I feel like I've learned so much about full time work, and what it’s like to work in the marketing industry and for this company, so I’m going to break it down into a few points and the biggest takeaways from my experience so far.

Quick team meetings are so comfortable…

IT’S NOT AS INTIMIDATING AS YOU THINK!: Maybe it’s just my confident character, or perhaps youthful exuberance, but since joining The House and participating in work here, I’ve found that a lot of work and tasks aren’t as intimidating or difficult as I initially thought it would be. I have a large variety in tasks that I do in my job. Some days I’ll be creating new and creative marketing ideas for clients, some days I’ll be finding new business and potential new clients, other days I’ll be joining meetings and contributing to the development of new projects with a variety of clients, and some days I’ll just be helping others in the team with their own tasks where I can. However when doing these tasks I don’t think it’s that hard (of course it comes with some challenges), I genuinely ENJOY my job and doing these variety of tasks and don’t find it that intimidating, especially when you’re in meetings with big clients and some with large egos, you’d expect it to be intimidating for me as an 18 year old kid that has no experience in this industry or at this level, but it’s interesting to come into these meeting and hear what people have to say and actually make contributions to people that have bags more of experience than me and have high positions in companies.

THERE’S SO MUCH TO LEARN!: I have so much to learn. Soooo much to learn. There’s been a lot that I’ve learned in my time, however there’s been times where I hear what my boss speaks to me, or showed me previous projects and work he’s done, or the way he’s managed situations that gives me an indication of how much I still can learn. There are even times where I’ve met people that are experts in their field and have provided so much knowledge that humbles me and makes me think of the amounts of experience I still need to put myself through before I can even touch some of the heights that established people and agencies within the industry are at.

These guys, are the best of the best in graphic design.

VARIETY IS THE SPICE OF WORK: As mentioned before, I do a lot of different types of work and my contributions doesn’t just stick to one type of work. From doing different types of work my job stays interesting. It keeps me engaged and always on my toes with my work, as I’m always asked to do different things that I may not expect. I think that’s definitely been the key to a lot of my improvement through working here, I think this variety in my work and interacting with everyone in the team from the graphic designers, to the developers, to my boss on a regular basis allows me to flourish and be the social, collaborative, and creative type of person I am.

BE YOU, IT ACTUALLY WORKS: Unless you’re a right Donald Trump, it’s likely you can impose your personality in the work place and be likable amongst your colleagues and your boss. After the first settling in period when I first arrived at The House, I found that being sociable, energetic, bubbly, and just being myself in general is something that actually works and makes all the relationships I have with workmates as real and honest as possible. I also find it gives me a lot of room to be as comfortable, and creative with my work as possible.

Nando’s has always been a team lunch classic

IF YOUR BOSS TRUSTS YOU, YOU’RE WINNING, EVERYONE’S WINNING: It’s as simple as it sounds, If your boss trusts you to do a creative type of job, then you can perform to the best of your ability I feel. For me my boss trusting me allows me to try new things, and be myself when doing my work. Which is so beneficial when it comes to input in the company.

A lot of the time we worked on sketches and drawings, for designs for client projects.

CORPORATE OFFICES ARE SOOOOOOO OVERRATED: In the past I’ve worked in corporate offices where things are extremely formal, and things are so strict, boring, and not engaging. Being so young, I thought this was the standard type of office for a successful and efficient company, no matter how boring it was. Turns out I was wrong. There is a huge contrast between these types of offices and ours, however one thing that isn’t different is the efficiency and quality of our work. We’re a cool, creative, free-flowing office. We listen to our music most of the time whilst we work, have cool conversation, create and talk over new ideas, and just generally have a relaxed vibe across the office. This generally makes me feel enthusiastic about coming into work, and also enjoy the company of my colleagues, which always encourages more collaborative work.

IF YOU’RE GOING TO WORK, DO SOMETHING YOU LOVE: Happiness is the most important part of life in my opinion, and since work is something that will take up a majority of your life, then it’s important that you do something you love and enjoy. I feel like I’ve found that in the work that I do here, and I think that definitely contributes to a good quality of life, and less stress in your life. Remember people… money isn’t the most important currency in the world, (it is important) however your internal happiness should always come first… just saying.

We also wear Santa hats when the festive season comes through.

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By Rafael

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