At the House Shop we help developers, estate agents, landlords and homeowners to acquire, rent, sell and let property. By marketing estate agent and homeowner properties in new and innovative ways they’ve been able to save them huge sums of money over the years by using this service. There are lots of ways that buyers and sellers can connect in the property transaction process, and the business model is all about allowing people to choose how they buy, sell, let or rent their properties. There are properties available on The House Shop that you won’t find on other websites, and the easy search functionality makes it easy to find what you’re looking for. Every avenue to market is covered on this website platform, with buyers able to choose from agencies on the High Street, online estate agencies, property auctions, and even properties for sale direct from property investors and home movers. The website is packed full of information and resources to help you sell your property efficiently, and with the maximum profit. Estate agents are still important, and around 80 of the visitors who use The House Shop end up going on to facilitate their sale with the aid of an estate agency service. Traditional estate agents are still vital in the property marketplace and they are valued by the business leaders who set the strategy, and evolve The House Shop online platform. They also realise though, that different people want to buy, sell, rent and let their properties in different ways, and believe that a responsible property platform should recognise this. The House Shop has received massive attention in the media, and has thousands of estate agents from around the UK signed up. Since launching in March 2015 has gone from strength to strength, featuring in industry press, consumer magazines, money-saving websites and national newspapers. The modern market provides lots of different ways to engage with people looking to buy, sell, let or rent a property and you’ll find more choice at The House Shop.

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