3 Ways To Get Over Public Speaking Anxiety On The Job!

If you’re a certified introvert and hate being around large groups of people, you can more than likely control the kinds of environments that would expose you to this. We’re almost certain that you probably despise public speaking as well. We don’t blame you. We know the struggle.

But guess what? You’re employer could care less about you fears and dislike of speaking in public. That knot in your throat? Yea… keep that to yourself because your boss could care less and just wants the job to get done. If your job requires it, you’ll unfortunately have to bury those jitters and face it head on. But you’re not alone. According to Forbes, you fall within the 80% of those who get butterflies, anxious and not enough sleep the night before a public speaking engagement. Have no more fear! We don’t have the answer on how not to get nervous. If you’re human you’ll always have some kind of emotion. However, we will tell you 3 ways on how to get over the public speaking fears on the job and present like a pro!

1) Know The Material You Are Presenting Inside Out !

The best way to get over the anxiety is to know everything that you will be presenting like the back of your hand. Preparation is key, so make sure you take the time to learn the material. The last thing you want to do is to get in front of a group of people and look like a fool. Take a few weeks before the presentation to properly learn and know what you will be talking about. And be prepared to answer any questions that might arise.

2) Practice Makes Perfect!

This isn’t rocket science. When gearing up for a presentation, it can be very nerve-wracking. The key to overcome some of these jitters is to ensure that you practice excessively. Practice in front of trustworthy family or friends who will be able to provide you with some constructive criticism. Practice speaking in front of a mirror so that you will be able to visually see how you project your material, your stance in front of a crowd and the level of confidence you have. Each of these steps are crucial when practicing so don’t just think you can simply wing it. The more you practice, the more confident and less anxious you will be when doing it.

3) Get Over The Self-Consciousness (People are going to judge you anyway!)

So many people get in front of a crowd and their lack of confidence shows and their self-consciousness is magnified. Although this is easier said than done, remember that what other people might be thinking about you when you are in front of your room is irrelevant. When we present, we often might be thinking “How does my hair look?” , or “I hope my outfit looks ok”. We plague our minds with unnecessary thoughts about what people might be thinking about us, when what we should really be focusing on is killing that presentation. Moral of the story is focus on what’s on your agenda and tune out what other people are thinking. Think about it, if you focus on acing the presentation, your will leave a positive lasting impression with the attendees and they won’t remember anything else but how amazing you were in front of the room!

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Originally published at www.thehrden.com on November 19, 2016.

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