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Jul 24, 2017 · 3 min read

Picture this: A fine Sunday afternoon on the terrace-garden; flashes of orange and white fly before your eyes as balloons dance in the wind, a cacophony of nervous voices of the volunteers call out to one another to achieve perfection. And then a phone rings, a warm voice smiles on the other end as excitedly shaking hands pick it up on this end: “Good afternoon, we have arrived.”

Forty-two children of the Angel’s Home, an orphanage, had arrived at The Hub Bengaluru.

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On the 23rd of July, from 4 to 7:30 PM; we at The Hub Bengaluru, hosted the first edition of ‘The Hub Carnival’ in association with Youth for Youth: Adopt Your Doppelgänger. Youth for Youth is a network run by the youth; for the youth. It is a platform that connects youngsters to underprivileged kids and helps facilitate donations and mentorships. Youth for Youth (ADYG) was set up back in 2011, by Azaan Sait (Founder of The Hub Bengaluru) when he was in high school.

For The Hub Carnival’s first edition, Youth for Youth connected members of the urban, privileged youth with the children of Angel’s Home Orphanage; a Bangalore-based charitable organisation. Forty-two children, under the supervision of their caretakers from the home, came to spend a Sunday afternoon at The Hub and take part in the festivities of the Carnival that was organised specially for them.

For the event; a team of twenty volunteers- Hub members, friends, family and Zuzu our resident pupper- came together to dedicatedly organise various, fun and engaging game-stalls for the children. ( A HUGE SHOUTOUT TO OUR VOLUNTEERS!) Some of the activities conducted at the stalls were: face-painting, mini-bowling, spike-ball, lime-on spoon race, dumb charades. Our biggest hits as games, however, were Musical Chairs and Bubble Wrap Sumo Wrestling! The children battled it out with gusto and oomph alongside their new friends in true sportsmanship spirit; there was a sense of cheer in the air that afternoon/evening that is only befitting of a Sunday. The cherry on the top was that one of the team-members of The Hub Bengaluru celebrated his birthday in ‘Carnival Style’ by cutting a cake and sharing it with all of us at the end of the event. With happy bellies and wind in their hair, every single person- be it child, adult, volunteer- left the Carnival that evening, with a big smile on their face.

The Hub Team, Volunteers and kids led by our house pupper Zuzu!

At the event, we launched our monthly Donation Box initiative- a large box placed in our lobby where people can donate any items they wish to, for the children. A lot of lovely people who came in, donated stationeries, duvet blankets, clothing articles and more towards the children’s cause. We also collected INR 8,200 in cash donations which The Hub will match and write a check of INR 16,400 towards the kids education expenses. The Donation Box is now being kept at the lobby of The Hub all year round; so if YOU would like to donate, come drop by and put in your contributions!

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Were YOU at our event? Drop in a comment and tell us what you thought! If not, don’t worry guys — we’ve got lots of such events and more lined up all year round.

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Signing off,

(With Love)

Avanthika Anand,

The Hub Bengaluru.

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