Rita Arosemena P.
I’m a freelance writer focused on personal growth. I write about what keeps me from sleeping, and that’s how the Law of Attraction works for me.


A poem about how I secretly hate people sometimes.

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Kittens and a toad from Cherry Cheeks And Roses published by Ernest Nister (1890). Original from the British Library

I hate people’s voice,
it always interrupts my daydreaming.
Escaping is something I’d love,
but there’s also people at the bus.

I love being alone,
’til my self dialogue is done.
Then I go out for a walk,
but there they are again… asking me where I had gone!

For God’s sake, what did I do wrong
to get all this attention?
Everyone loves to be around me,
but nobody really understands me.

A poem about overthinking and hope.

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She Thinks of the Ghost or The Ghost Thinks of Her (Manao tupapau) (ca. 1894–1895) by Paul Gauguin. Original from The Art Institute of Chicago.

No matter how much I try,
sun keeps flourishing at dawn
blinding my efforts to suffer
for things I haven’t done.

No matter how much I try,
birds keep singing in the backyard
stating how simple life was
before I decided to try so hard.

Here we come, I’m doing it again.
I’m overthinking instead of living.
So I’ll stop doing it
and then I’ll start again.

Sex is sex. Nothing more, nothing less.

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Photo by Taras Chernus

“You think too much” — I told myself.

She was in front of me, waiting for an answer.

The question was quite simple:

Do you wanna have sex with me?

We had broken up 2 months earlier, and I was hating her, but we met for a coffee because I got a text message:

“Are you sure you want to leave it at that?”

“I don’t get what you mean” — I replied.

Then, she sent a picture in her underwear.

Just do it — Then listen to your common sense

If something like this has never happened to you with an ex, you might state: “That’s insane. …

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