Where are the jobs?

Living in London, studying at a Premier institute with the undertone of subtle culture shock has not been easy. What I do however wish is to highlight here that the global political scenario that has severely impacted the employment status of a Non-EU student, here in the UK, has inevitably rendered so many jobless, myself included. Unable to find a job that will sponsor a work visa only leaves me immensely dismayed over the inability to pay off my student debt in the near future, which ultimately crushes me with the heavy burden of a student loan. That being said, like many students studying at an institution that is supposedly ranked in the top 10 in Social Sciences and has produced numerous Nobel laureates and policy makers, it has unfortunately not affected my job scenario positively.

Firstly, with the recent Brexit debacle, it would be unfair to completely blame the college for it, however, when I have channeled my funds garnered from a ‘developing’ country, that anyway is far inferior in terms of its economy and exchange rate, I wouldn’t be wrong in wanting a job for a few years that could help me pay back my student debt, to say the least. And this is where my college has not helped me in my job search. From catering to Non- EU students, who year after year are forced to feed the abhorrent capitalistic exploitative ways of this educational fraternity by overpricing tuition and living, to reinforcing the irony of teaching ‘social science’ by the evident disparity in fees, the school leaves no stone unturned. Secondly, the anti-immigrant sentiment that has been portrayed in the past year has only demoralised me to ever think about pursuing my education at this world class institution. Therefore, it would be right to say that my act of being swayed solely by ranking in order to choose this particular institution, that paints the distorted reality of inclusivity and so called “diversity”, was wholly and unflinchingly an erroneous decision. Maybe I must discover the fault lines in my profile, true, but when a lot of people are waking up to the same rejections, there is something utterly wrong with the system.

This post is not a result of just built up angst against what has been a result of late night discussions with my cohort of fellow students, but a well thought out way of informing those who live in a bubble called ‘London is Open’.