Perhaps you weren’t aware, but about half of Gaelic speakers today live in the Scottish Lowlands.
Catrìona Anderson

Dear Catrìona,

I’m aware there are large numbers of Gaelic speakers concentrated in the Lowlands (especially Glasgow). However, I’m not convinced that they would be disadvantaged by not having Gaelic signage to tell them where they’re going. In any event, that’s not my main area of contention. I would like to see a multiplicity of names, dependent on what language a place name originates from.

There is also the issue of translation. Often, names’ origins are lost in time. Any attempt to translate a name of unknown provenance into Gaelic runs the risk of giving a false impression as to what it means. As I made clear, I’d rather have no signage than incorrect signage. That applies to all languages, not just Gaelic.

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