You’re getting mixed up.
An Donas

I apologise if I didn’t make it clear enough. What I meant was that there have not been any native speakers of Lothian Gaelic born for many centuries. In fact, do we even know what Lothian Gaelic sounded like? My point was that the language has been culturally extinct for over 500 years. Possibly more.

What seems to have been glossed over by people is me saying in the piece that I’m in favour of Gaelic signs where appropriate. I wouldn’t like to be confused with someone who is anti Gaelic. On the contrary, I am currently compiling a list of Gaelic place names that have been lost.

Yes, I would like to see place names to be depicted in the original language in certain circumstances. This, I feel, would raise awareness of other areas of Scottish history which are neglected.

I’m not sure what you think it is I am getting mixed up about.

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