Behold, the Vue Component Documenter… Component

By Ian Johnson, a Sr. Front-End Engineer at Skilljar

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The Vue Documenter in question so you can follow along at home —

I’m one of three front-end engineers on our team of about a dozen back-end engineers, which means the front-end team needs to support far more than ourselves when rolling out components the entire team will use.

Meaning? Drumroll, keeping some form of documentation on all our components has become a necessity (for our sanity)… otherwise we are the documentation. …

Because at the end of the day, it’s all just HTML, CSS, and Javascript anyway

By Ian Johnson, a Sr. Front End Engineer at Skilljar

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Me, reenacting a backend developer’s probable sadness when they have to work with Javascript. 📷 by Huy Ngo.

Just kidding, they don’t hate me, they hate the Javascript — but who wouldn’t when we keep rebuilding our tooling every few years 🙄

Back in my day…

On the grand scale, reactive frameworks (and by that I mean declarative, rather than imperative, ala Vue, React, Angular, etc) are young — with jQuery around since 2006 and the first of the reactive frameworks taking off in 2012.

We’ve only had a bit more time with these new frameworks than we’ve had without them (yes I’m aware the internet existed before jQuery, but it was…

And the first step in the great migration away from jQuery

By Ian Johnson, a Sr. Front End Engineer at Skilljar

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Skilljar is the leading customer training platform for enterprises to accelerate product adoption and increase customer retention. Our platform provides all the essential tools for Customer Training and Enablement teams to successfully onboard, engage and retain customers.

At Skilljar one of our 2018 goals is modernizing our customer facing dashboard, both design and under the hood — and part of that is beginning the migration of some legen-(wait for it)-dary jQuery over to a reactive framework (ex. React, Vue, Angular, etc).

While we haven’t set any single direction in stone…

Ian Johnson

Owner, Front End Engineer, Data Engineer, Product Manager - Currently a Sr. Front End Engineer at Skilljar

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