My favourite mobile device must be the one I use right now, and that is the OnePlus 5. So, let’s start comparing it now.

The Camera: I have been using the camera on the OnePlus 5 quite a lot. I have used it for just like casual photography and stuff…

“What is that picture shot on?” Oh, Yes. Many people have asked me this, when I first show them the pictures I have shot using OnePlus 5. Right after I inform them that the photo was shot using a mobile, another question hits me up. “What? How is this even…

First, grab your snacks as this is going to be long.

You might be knowing the brand, dbrand? Right? If not, then I would like to inform you that they are one of the best skin manufacturers around the globe.

A few months back, they decided to enter the smartphone…

Shivang Joshi

Tech Enthusiast

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