Jelly bean 4.1.2 for Galaxy Ace 2, GT-I8160

Thein Htike Aung
Feb 24, 2013 · 2 min read

#Update : Official update Jellybean 4.1.2 for Galaxy ACE 2 I8160

Download : Torrent necessary files
After you download, the following is the instruction :

For whom want to know how to back up your phone content, sms and apps, here is useful article

Proceed carefully
1. Power phone off.
2. Press Volume down+Home+Power key to enter download mode.
3. Press volume up when prompted.
4. Make sure you have the drivers all installed and connect the phone to pc.

In odin:
1. Open Odin
2. Select Pit and select the .pit file in the folder (will automatically tick repartition, leave it ticked)
3. Select PDA and the file with CODE in the name.
4. Select CSC and the file with CSC in the name.
5. Press Start and wait it to flash(it will automatically reboot after install)
* checksums.md5 file is only to check if everything was downloaded properly.
Enjoy !

In my Galaxy Ace 2 successfully work fo work and fun for other games :D

Original Sources
The above instructions and download links took from the following website.
Must read this for further info :

Root Access for GT-I8160

After flash your ROM, you may want to get Root Access. Follow these simple instruction

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19.04.13 — Update link to get root access after flashed ROM
17.05.13 — Update about official jelly bean for Ace 2

Originally published at My Notes.

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