Top 10 places for Mothers Day

Confused about where to take your mom on this Mother’s Day? Here is a list of top 10 places which according to me are perfect!

1. Grandmama’s cafe

With a vintage ambience and food served with love, this place is sure to make your mom happy! Grandmamas cafe is a multi cuisine cafe. They serve everything right from the best Mac and Cheese to Kheema Pav.

2. Gallops- Mahalaxmi Racecourse

A hidden gem! This place located in Mahalaxmi has an old-world charm. Head over to this place with your mom to have an amazing meal with the perfect ambience.

3. Bastian

All you seafood lovers don’t give this place a miss. This place is decently priced with food that is gonna make you visit this place again and again!

4. Melting Pot

This place serves the best North Indian cuisine. This place is sure to impress with the quantity of food they serve!

5. Sampan

Sampan is popular for authentic Chinese food. Sampan is a decently priced restaurant for the view, food and the service it provides!


This place serves the best cocktails and has an amazing view. They serve good food and it’s pure vegetarian!

7. Maharaja Bhog

Fond of Rajasthani food? Then this place is worth a visit. They serve the best Rajasthani thali in Mumbai!

8. Indigo Deli

Indigo Deli is a fine dining restaurant. It has a sophisticated feel to it! They serve the best gourmet pizza.

9. Kettle and Keg

This is a newly opened cafe in Khar. They have vegan and gluten free options. Their cheese fondue is a must try!

10. Zaffran

Zaffran is very famous for its Mughlai cuisine. They serve the best biryani. This place can become your mom’s favourite!

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