Decoding CraftChain Interview with Kumar Gaurav, CEO and Founder of Cashaa

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Aug 27, 2018 · 8 min read
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Today, it was an interesting & highly intuitive interview by Craftchain (; a Poland based Information Technology Company providing end to end Blockchain services and Support. Craftchain solutions include consultancy and business planning, platform design, backend development and roll out. The primary goal of Craftchain is to help Blockchain business grow.

Their Services include “Custom-Tailored and Complete Crypto Exchange Software”, Ethereum based end to end “Decentralized Applications — DAPPS” with front end and smart contract design, “Customized Blockchain” for businesses either from scratch or by using Hard and Soft Fork. Craftchain Portfolio also includes “Belters” — An Altcoin mining application primarily aimed at mining power and monitoring mining processes, “Centralized Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform” with cutting edge UX trends and attractive User Interfaces and “Blockchain Hotels” — the first eco-friendly chain of decentralized hotels using Blockchain Technology powered solely by renewable energy sources, while internet connectivity will be delivered through satellites with a backup of local wire providers.

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KHALIFA HADI from the Crafton family (Craftchain) interviewed KUMAR GAURAV, Founder & CEO of Cashaa (a revolutionary Token in 2018).

The interview had some relevant questions and interestingly Kumar Gaurav had answered those questions providing a deeper insight and a different outlook of Cashaa rather than rhetoric giving a different view of the Vision of Cashaa.

The first question was a usual question as to what Cashaa does and what it aims to achieve. As far as the Cashaa community and people who have participated in the ICO and / or people who have whitelisted themselves with Cashaa might say Cashaa is a revolutionary token aiming to bank the unbanked population with its services.

However, today Kumar Gaurav gave a totally different perspective of Cashaa’s vision. Kumar said that Cashaa is a community project attempting to solve the fundamental problem of “Banking the Unbanked”. It was quite surprising, but actually true that the biggest problem is lack of “Banking Services” for the “Crypto Community itself”. So, the largest community which is unbanked or deprived of various Banking Services is the Blockchain or the Crypto Community by itself. Cashaa to start with wants to take the Unbanked population of Blockchain and Crypto Community as its first customers and solve their problem first rather than solving the entire world’s problem. This indeed seem to be the right path as most of us in this Crypto world are deprived of banking services in one way or the other or do not get full banking services in the region that we live.

Khalifa moved on to his next question and wanted to know what Kumar thinks of the impact of Blockchain apart from Banking and Finance industries. Kumar said that the biggest impact will be on the Governance and many Governments systems and then the Supply Chain. Kumar backed his statement by saying that Governments are decentralized system in a democracy where there are various representatives of various states which requires trust based systems wherein today it is more people based & then with IT enabled systems. Therefore Kumar believes that Governance and the Governments will be the most impacted machinery by Blockchain technology and bringing them on-board is vital. The second most impact will be on Supply Chain since there are many processes which are fragmented which lead to the final product. Hence Supply Chain Industry will be most beneficiary of Blockchain Technology besides Finance and Banking Sectors.

Further adding to it above question Kumar was asked if Governments were ready to implement Blockchain and if Citizens will trust and use Blockchain. Kumar gave a realistic response that Governments, enterprises and people have to adopt and the more the adoption of this new Technology the more the trust shall be. Kumar stated an example of Auxledger, the largest Multi-tier Blockchain of Blockchain by Auxesis Group (by the way Kumar Gaurav is also the Chairman of Auxesis Group run by CEO Akash Gaurav) is already working with one of the state Governments in Hyderabad, India where almost 53 Million people have to be brought onto Blockchain and provide them with Cryptographic IDs. It makes it the largest in the world actually to move more than half a billion population onto Blockchain. So essentially Kumar stated that the Governments and larges Enterprises are getting there and their adoption is slow but steady.

One of the most interesting and relevant question of this entire interview was that of “Single Biggest Challenge” of Blockchain to finally become mainstream and be part of everyday lives of common people. Kumar hit the nail on the head while he answered this question. Kumar believes that the understanding what the large Enterprises & big organizations need versus just building upon the Blockchain technology itself. He further goes on to say that thousands of Blockchain developers and Crypto enthusiasts are working on building this infrastructure, but all of them are working in Silos without trying to understand what the enterprise requires. The “MISSING PART” in building the Technology is the regulation. Without regulatory approvals, licenses and compliances, mere technology would make no sense as we cannot implement it. So now you got it, yes the “Biggest Gap or Biggest Challenge” is what the enterprise requires or what its client requires. And only Enterprises can take it forward to build the backbone of regulatory framework and compliances apart from building the Technology. Individuals such as developers can build an app or even a platform like Amazon or Facebook, but it needs an enterprise to build the backbone of Regulations which is the biggest challenge or missing in the Blockchain Industry today. Kumar went onto quote the example of Auxledger’s clients HP and IBM and understanding their needs by the Enterprise is more important than building the Technology.

In-between, there was a community question on what Kumar’s views are on Asia’s most biggest Cryptocurrency markets such as China and Japan which were not present on Cashaa’s roadmap. Kumar was quite frank here that Cashaa’s roadmap is to implement Banking Platform & Cashaa product in the more business friendly region of Europe & UK. Cashaa shall definitely look forward to China and Japan when the regulations and laws become more understandable in these countries, however now focussed on Europe & UK as per Cashaa’s roadmap.

One of the pertinent question and mostly unclear even to experts is that whether Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Social Media Websites will start to use Blockchain visible to end users. Kumar straight answer to this was that “End User does not need to know how the Technology works”. It is like most people driving a car either it be small one or an expensive one need not know how the car actually works. Therefore for mass adoption of any new Technology, Kumar believes that it is not important for an End User to know the Technology because all they need to know is the application which will eventually bring mass adoption. This proves that Kumar thinks like a common man and works like a genius. Only a person who can understand what the problem on ground or at the grass root level can actually bring revolutionary change in making people’s lives better.

In terms of human resources available in the Blockchain technology and development, Kumar did agree that there is a scarcity of resources and lack of talent since most developers are still trying to understand the Blockchain as such, however he said Europe, UK, US are far ahead and India, Philippines and Pakistan are catching up. As far as Malta is concerned which from a high level looks like having strong Blockchain infrastructure, but most of the companies licensed in Malta are operating out of offshore actually and physical presence of actual resources or developers in Malta doesn’t matter as it is by far not so high.

The follow-up question to the above asked to Kumar was what are the resources available that are required for a developer to develop or educate themselves about Blockchain and knowledge in this technology. It was quite simplistic and encouraging reply by Kumar where he recommended the first thing is to understand “What is Bitcoin” and the “Whitepaper of Bitcoin” and play around with Bitcoin code and coding in C++. The second resource that Kumar recommended is to read the Andreas M. Antonopoulos Book on “Mastering Bitcoin” and once one is done with the Satoshi’s document and Andreas Book, one can make judgement of oneself as to the next steps to gain more knowledge and competence on Blockchain.

Before Khalifa wrapped up the interview, there was one other community question on status of “Banking License” of Cashaa and Cryptocurrencies in general. Kumar said that obtaining licenses is far better in Europe, UK next to US where banking is much advance & open. Kumar strongly recommended BVI (British Virgin Islands) an emerging country for Blockchain Companies which is more open to new technologies especially Blockchain & Banking.

The last, but not the least, an informal question Khalifa actually tried to put Kumar on the spot was “If there was one person who can help Cashaa grow and help mass adoption of Blockchain technology who would that be such as Mark Zuckerberg etc., “. It was a smart answer by Kumar that it would be “India’s Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi” who has huge fan following and that he has the power to convince people and mass adoption of this Technology since if Mr.Modi advocates Blockchain and if India becomes more open to this Technology, atleast half a billion people will jump onto its adoption. People watching the interview live found it to be a very smart and true answer and that Kumar understands that Governance, Regulations, Compliance and Law are the backbone of any New technology especially in this disruptive Blockchain Technology & Crypto Industry.

Overall, it was an amazing interview by Khalifa Hadi from Craftchain asking the most pertinent & relevant questions to Kumar Gaurav and Kumar’s answers shows his vision, commitment, values and most importantly his understanding of the problem of common man and enterprises that need to be solved on priority. It also clearly visualizes and it was very evident that Kumar is not just focussed on growing his company, but actually trying to make people’s lives better.

Please do watch the interview for people who missed it and this article decodes the interview for a detailed understanding of Kumar’s answers & responses to questions by Craftchain. Cheers!

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