Success-Failure Bullshit

We all read and watch the speeches and quotes of success-failure shit by prominent people for motivating ourselves. Some people want others to know that they achieved something that’s why the society started labeling everything in terms of success-failure shit. Some people just make you thing that they are better and superior than you.

Success-failure quotes are full of all types of crap, even the words are quite bullshit. These concepts are created for labeling people; it’s like you failed, so you are a loser and i accomplished this and that so it makes me stud. It’s for manipulating and dominating simple people. And we, as we are stupid and dumb; we follow, read and get motivated by this load of crap.

Let me include some of quotes about success for better understanding of the topic, before that i must tell you again that success-failure stuffs are for making ourselves feel better and making others feel like they are loser.

“It’s time to celebrate success but it is more important to need the lessons of failure.” — Bill Gates.
“Judge your success by what you had to give-up in order to get it”. — Dalai Lama XIV
“The real success is enthusiasm”. — Walter Chryster.
“Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation”. — I don’t know who wrote this.
There are tons of them just one click away. Lets get high on the quotes, its not ganja but we do get high on the bullshit said by famous people. They don’t have to be smart, just famous is alright.

They are definitely imposing these ridiculous ideas on us and as followers we are, we assume they are right. I want to ask all the wise people who spoke about success and failure, define success. Is there anyone who can perfectly define it? Is success really necessary? Is there any type of scale of success, 1–10 type of stuff, is there? Or it’s a state of mind type of crap; if that’s the case then sitting with my friends is a success for me. But you wouldn’t define that a success because it doesn’t make you feel more significant or superior or dominating. These so called self-proclaimed successful people are creating inequality; they are making some people feel like shit, like they are losers.

It’s not possible for everyone to do the miraculous things like you did; world is a totally unfair place. Some have low IQ’s, some are born rich, some are superbly dumb, some are blind, it’s not fucking fair.
Let me get back to our topic. Can we live happily after a one success or we have to repeatedly achieve something, it sounds really exhausting. Is it success which you want or freedom and satisfaction? We don’t have to follow norms other people decided for us.

Focus on what matters to you. Why did bill gates donate his 95% of the wealth? It’s because he want to feel good about himself. He wanted to feel that he was doing something significant for needy and poor and it’s a good thing. I think on some level he knows that starting Microsoft and billion dollars doesn’t mean shit. He must have felt a great fulfillment and satisfaction by donating, ultimately everybody does everything for himself.

The problem is that we going for superficial shit and we are a follower that’s why we can’t get to the deeper of the things. Young generation is all about success and money, in other words they are just followers and imitators. Is the so called success worth it if you feel alone or depressed or if you are not free as you should be, is it?
People who likes to travel or loves to sing and are mature, doesn’t give a damn about success, it’s the process, it’s the moment is what they care about. Don’t you think that your life is a sum of every moment you are living, feeling pain, frustration or happiness? It’s always a bout the moment, it’s the present which matters and smart and mature people know that.
You must have read or heard the line, “if one can achieve it than everybody can”, and its total bullshit. Firstly it’s not necessary to achieve something because others did it. Secondly i don’t have a fucking IQ of 180, so obviously I can’t find the mystery behind big bang. All physically handicapped people can’t climb Everest or a schizophrenic and delusional person can’t fucking write a great novel.

We are slaves of genetics, we are not equals. We are not same, we have different capabilities’, different diseases, it’s an unfair world. That’s why I say
don’t listen to people who doesn’t know what they are saying, actually don’t listen to anybody; follow your own ideas.

I say it’s OK to be dumb, it’s OK not to be great thinker’s mathematicians or Brad Pitt; it’s OK not to achieve anything; it’s OK not to have a billion dollars, it’s OK not to be Picasso or Leonardo Vinci or Shakespeare. You know why, because we don’t need that shit, because we are we, a unique, a different human being with our own randomness, with our own innate qualities. It’s OK because the hot Scarlet Johnoson or Brad-Pit are going to die in the same
way as we are or may be they will die more horribly. Picasso died, Vinci died, newton and Galileo died. The greatest philosopher, Socrates couldn’t figure-out the meaning of life.
Nobody is fucking perfect; every fucking human being is decaying every second of the day.
Some people might say that these people died but they left something for the world, may be they did but it doesn’t matter to them,does it, because dead doesn’t get false pride in some bullshit success. Nothing is everlasting, everything is falling apart. You can label your life by success-failure but at the end you don’t achieve anything, you just lose everything, you lose the sense of yourself.

May be I can’t solve big problems of universe or mathematical complexities, maybe I can’t invent a revolutionary product, neither newton or Einstein or Socrates or bill gates or Steve jobs did anything, they just messed up the simple world. They created things which are fucking with environment, which are making us stupid. Is bill gates or Steve Jobs or Zuckerberg or Newton made world a better place, no, hell fucking no. World was better
without cars, smartphones and computers. See their so called success is a fucking failure and they show us like they did a profound favor for the world.

Fuck them and fuck such success.

We should go for what really matters to us, what makes us more alive, happier, none of the crap of making world better place or became a president or a fucking Eminem.

You are who you are for better or worse, dumb or smart and you are free, free is what you are. Fuck Eminem, fuck the people who have world records, fuck billion dollar companies, and fuck the people who want to dominate you, fuck the people who think they are greater and more successful than you and most importantly fuck the people who tell you how to live your life.

I should jump to the polar opposite of success, yeah failure; the
damn thing everybody is afraid of.
What’s failure? As per Wikipedia, failure is the state or condition of not meeting a desirable or intended objective, and may be viewed as the opposite of success. All of the quotes and speeches you ever heard about failure and stuff are faulty because they always exclude more important things like freedom, desires, happiness and satisfaction.

Let’s read some quotes.
“I have failed over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed”. –Michael Jordan.
May be he is trying to say that he didn’t enjoyed the process, I don’t know but that’s what I got from these stupid lines, or may be he said not to stop trying, but why would I try again and again if I am not enjoying, if I am not happy in things I do. If it was possible I would have asked Jordan, when were you happy; is it at the time of success, if that’s the case than it would be very terrible to suffer so much dissatisfaction and so called failure for a little bit of
momentarily pleasure of so called success. And by the way man doesn’t even said anything about how happy, liberated, free and satisfied he were. He just talked about success-failure. And I don’t fucking blame him. He is not a philosopher or an intellectual; it’s you who is stupid enough to get high on these intellectually weak quotes.

“I failed in some subjects in exam but my friend passed in all, now he is an engineer in Microsoft, and I am the owner of Microsoft”. — Bill Gates.
You are a god, you are real stud, is that what you want to hear Mr. Gates or Should we start a religion on your name. What the fuck was that. It was a bit of narcissistic, if you ask me. It was all about superiority.

May be your friend is more happy than you Mr. Gates or may be his psychological condition his life is as miserable as yours or maybe he is more miserable than you. The point is that being owner of a company and having a friend as a worker doesn’t guarantee contentment and fulfillment, does it?

“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up”.-Thomas Edison
May be they gave up because they are not as much passionate about the stuff they were doing and that’s why the motivation of success doesn’t mean shit to them. May be they gave up because they didn’t like doing it to that extent. They gave up because may be they couldn’t find any meaning and significance in doing it. And Mr. Edison is calling them failures. I hope that some of youths realize that running after success or trying again and again is not important at all if you don’t like it, if you don’t have a passion. I hate people who spread these crazy ideas and make people fear the so called failure. Majority of young
generation is just following. They are following on twitter and Facebook; they are following bullshit ideas rather than creating their own ideas for living their life. So for feeling better about their shitty life they make themselves feel significant by success and make other people feel like losers. In reality we wouldn’t have known about failure-success scales if it weren’t for our parents,
teachers and society. I f they wouldn’t have feed this crap, we wouldn’t be so afraid of taking our own decisions. They made a great deal out of it. I don’t know why, I guess because they didn’t understand life, death and the concept of time and how precious is every moment.

I dropped-out from IIT and if I tell you the truth I don’t want to do anything, because everything seems meaningless. If I dropped-out and I am doing nothing, then people will call it failure, maybe even my parents will think it as a failure, but the more important question is how I am. How do I feel? I feel free, I feel liberated, I feel content with my life; I am fucking loving it every day. See I am a failure who is happy, who is content and who is way
more satisfied with his life than you. I must tell this that i am writing this stuff because I like to write it not because I am chasing some illusory success shit.
Don’t let anyone mislead you; make you feel like you are a failure or you need to succeed, because you don’t. People are living happily in Bhutan without cracking IIT or without creating a billion dollar company. Don’t read articles, quotes or any of crappy stuff people say and don’t even know what they are talking about. I know they are famous, I know they are gods in their field but it doesn’t make them fucking philosophers and start giving lessons
of how should we live our life.

Journey is fun, journey is what we have. You might have read or heard the quote of fight club; ”it’s your life and its ending one minute at a time”. Be free, fuck fear and have your own values, create your own ideas for life.