Discord Raffle

Open raffle for 1 EGGSPECIAL on our Discord

THE INDIFFERENT DUCK collection includes 222 special eggs with unique characteristics (EGGSPECIALS). We’ve kept some aside to award to our current and future collectors, even before our launch date.

Competition rules:

  • Open raffle for anyone who wants to participate
  • Be part of our community. You can join The Indifferent Fam on Discord
  • Invite as many people as possible to join our Discord (At this link you can see how to do so).
  • Every 5 invites you’ll get one chance to enter the raffle.

Competition end date:

Saturday December 18th (Public Sale date)

Competition Prize:

The winner will receive 1 EGGSPECIAL on our launch day.

Competition Winner Selection Process:

  • On our launch day we’ll check our Discord to see who invited at least 5 new members. We’ll check if the winner and the members invited by the winner are genuine or bots.
  • We’ll do the raffle using https://wheelofnames.com. The first Discord member that we land on will be the winner, and we’ll spin the wheel twice more so that we have runners up, just in case we can’t get in contact with the first winner.
  • We’ll announce the winner on our Discord server and Twitter account. If this person doesn’t contact us in the following 48 hours, the person who came in second place will be the new winner. If that person doesn’t contact us either, the person who came in third place will be the new winner.
  • Everyone will have access to this list by going to the #bot-commands channel and typing /invites.

🦆 That’s it! Easy, right? Good luck! Quack, Quack

If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact us on our social media accounts.

We’ll see you on:






Hola, my name is BRAVO. I’m a duck, an indifferent duck

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The Indifferent Duck

The Indifferent Duck

Hola, my name is BRAVO. I’m a duck, an indifferent duck

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