Resistance is an Act of Love
Katie Painter

Wonderful reasoning, which gets to the heart of the why question. The next question is how to resist? Get organised, obviously. But what actions to take?

Experience tells me that the greatest challenge is to get noticed in a positive way that remains confrontational. The Boston Tea Party achieved this by enacting a surreal event: colonists dressing up as faux native Americans throwing tea into a river (promoted as a Tea Party? Wow). Brilliant.

So, what would really get up DT and friends’ noses and anger them, which is just about legal and would get the attention of the press? Some kind of reversal of a KKK/Nazi parade, with symbols of love at the centre (an indiscriminate exchange of kisses between every race, creed and colour)? A mass holding of hands across the border between Mexico and the US?

Something more absurd? Funeral wreaths made up of red roses and love poems, in such profusion that they block the streets around the Whitehouse? How about a mass invasion of local police stations demanding to be locked up in fear that the constitution is being overturned and rights will no longer be protected? What else?

Actually, this is a global issue, so the protests should go viral and become a challenge to all those people who live by the will of fear, hate and division. Protest should offer a collective ‘no’ against the strong man principle that seems to delight alpha males and females. So, the protests should have love and unity at their core in resistance to the principle of egoistic narcissism.

Love large, love loud and confront your opponents with the fact that you will not live chained by fear and hatred.

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