Can You Leave a Link to Your Work Without Worry? Bloggers Need Such a Place

The New York Times have people coming to their sites regardless of social media. I’m not saying that they do not need social media. Social Media helps them more because they were already established from the beginning. The New York Times do not have to make themselves known the way bloggers do. Because they are The New York Times, people are going to notice their articles.

Online as a blogger, I do a lot of leaving links behind, but there is nowhere to leave a link to my work without the hassle of making friends and joining so many social media sites. Social media is a waste of time. Half of the time, the people that you follow on those sites may not be participating or online themselves. I waste time posting, and on some sites, my work is never viewed or rated. Bloggers need a place where they are truly needed and can get the attention they need. If you are truly interested in an article, you are going to click on it and read it regardless of making friends. You are going to get all of the information that you need from an article and find it useful.

Some people rely on Google News. Sometimes the best place is the blog platform that you are blogging on. It can have a great community too for you to collaborate with readers and writers.