I Get Tired of Sharing My Content to Get Paid Sites

Blogging is something I love to do. I don’t mind sharing my content, but when it comes to get paid sites, I might as well write for free. 0.10 cents can stay 0.10 cents for a month. Then suddenly, your articles stop showing because of Internal Server Error. You write your content to the sites, and nobody wants to fix the problems or answer you. At first, I was excited about get paid sites. I felt good about writing because I was going to get paid, and I felt like I was accomplishing something.

The InkPost is a blog that I had been writing up for a long time. I had plans for it to be a real tabloid newspaper. It kind of happened, but it was very expensive through a newspaper publishing site. It was made for me to buy it if I wanted a copy. The problem is people online won’t buy your work. You are lucky if you can get one or two sales. So when you try to sell or share your content, you may try a lot of different places online to put your work. In the end, unless you have good support, you only have work just sitting in these places online going nowhere. It gets to the point where you become very tired of creating for cents and dollars. You become very uninspired to make content, and there is nothing wrong with that after so many years gone by. If it takes that long, then better offers need to come along.

All that I see me doing is making other folks rich. There are people creating sites with millions of dollars, and all that you do is give your content away you might as well say. If I had the millions, and if I knew business, I would create ways for others to make cash too with good pay as I made cash.