Kisyen Studio: Causing ripples in the diversity space with their Social Entrepreneurship Pursuits

Faith Kisa and Hope Kayeny

Faith Kisa and Hope Kayeny are extra-ordinary sisters. They brim with hope and determination as they passionately talk about their startup. Kisyen Studio is a creative entity for out of the box ideas that impact Education, Health and Lifestyles.

At the Innovation Village, we endeavor to challenge assumptions and provoke thought in as many areas of life as possible in order to bring big ideas to life. That is why we are so privileged and excited to have Kisyen in our midst and are looking forward to great solutions that they will be bringing on board. One thing that we know is that this is one startup with a promise.

In terms of Lifestyle, this forward-thinking startup is bold enough to bridge the rural-urban divide by empowering farmers in Northern Uganda. The North is famed for diverse agricultural produce that are unique only to the region yet the farmers who grow some of these products do not have any immediate use for them.

Enter Kisyen with an awesome vision to provide health solutions, targeting hair and skin. Kisyen Studio is focused on providing Organic African products for skin and hair in a bid to curb the use of imported products that may be full of chemicals that may be hazardous to people in the long run. In the process, the farmers in the rural areas will be empowered and will finally have a market for their products. This is a brilliant move of killing several birds with a single shot, seeing that people’s health will be catered for.

In the Education Sector, Kisyen studio has realized a major problem with the quality of graduates from the education system. From an early age, most of the kids who come from public schools are docile, obedient, lack curiosity and inquisitiveness, are not active in learning for themselves and are driven largely by being submissive to authority. This starts as early as primary school. The intervention is to provide alternative learning materials that are exciting, engaging and fun filled to these kids as early as possible. These books are available for parents to purchase online. In addition to this, the duo has committed to having these books in print by mid-2017.

The titles are unique in that they focus on things such as personal management, Self Esteem, Loving oneself, self-expression and confidence as well as personal grooming with a purpose.

We will be closely watching, monitoring and supporting Kisyen this year and beyond to explore all the possibilities available in the Education, Health and Diversity sectors of our moonshot factories.