Few people consider the increased risk of cancer when having that extra glass of wine or a well-deserved beer after work. Especially for young people the long term health effects due to excessive alcohol consumption are inconceivable.

So how can you encourage young men to hold back on their alcohol usage when you can’t use their health as a reason? That was the challenge The Danish Cancer Society and Trygfonden faced recently.

The solution was simple. Use a reason the 20–25 year old men understand. That being boozed up doesn’t always contribute to your seductive skills.

”We knew from research that one of the main reasons among the target group for going out was hooking up with girls. We also knew that this group often drinks a lot when going out with their mates. But how much does alcohol actually affect your abilities to seduce the opposite sex? And is there a sweetspot? We thought that could be interesting to explore in a real life social experiment”

In the experiment “Boozed-up Speeddating” 10 young single men and 10 women took part a series of speeddates. However it wasn’t your regular type of speeddate — the women had no clue that the guys had to drink between each date.