Let me tell you a story:

Once upon a time, there was a talented graduate student from Tallinn, Estonia, a studious Computer Science student minoring in Finance who dreamed of doing an internship abroad. Little did she know about the opportunities waiting around the corner for her abroad in cities like Amsterdam, Prague, Budapest, Vilnius and Rome.

She felt lost.

She was stressed about acing her exams.

She worked part-time at the National bank as cashier.

She wanted a change in scenery from the recent break-up from her Finnish boyfriend.

Her mind wondered:

Where will I begin to search for…

Exploitative unpaid internships are a scourge to the agency industry of PR and Marketing Creatives. But a move from those inside the agency industry to shake up the status quo is a sign that change can be achieved from within — if we take the initiative.

It’s common knowledge that many companies fail to pay their interns. Whether they be with a big multinational or a small start-up, a two week contract or a year-long placement, all kinds of internships are unpaid.

However, it is undeniably true that some industries are worse than others. A student moving into the finance…

In a recent study made by The Internship Guide, findings showed that when young people consider applying for an internship, a key consideration is the size of the company they will be working for. A pattern unraveled from the study resulting into a 3-step guide on how enterprises can mimic traits from SME’s to secure attraction from next generation talent.

1. Create an office eco-system to connect your intern with the right people

Source: Dilbert.com — Dilbert, by Scott Adams

It may seem like a contradiction, but sharing an office with a large amount of colleagues can actually lead to an intern feeling more isolated. As a new member of staff, it’s only natural that an intern may feel lost…

Sadly, far from all businesses take on interns. What if we told you an effort put into internships can improve your business, your brand — and serve a wider society? Two reasons why hiring interns is a great idea:

1. Hiring Interns Enhances Your Business Brand

Interns are enthusiastic. Rarely does a business have the chance to hire employees that start off on a blank slate. Whereas recruiting an experienced employee may involve some initial teething problems, the opportunity to hire somebody without predisposed habits can bring about a new staff member who instantly integrates into the company’s practices and ethos.

Many students asks us what they can do in a short time to add experience to their CV:

The Internship Guide: What can I build to add to my CV in a 1–2 weeks span?

/Anonymous Student in Computer Science

Before answering that question, ask yourself:

What gets you in the zone?

Don’t code that project if you’re not feeling the “why am I building this” vibes.

Finding coding projects and problems people want you to solve are clear winners to help you stand out among applicants and help land your internship in software development.

Here are 3 channels to find real projects and real problems people are waiting for you to start solving as a programmer.

What does: America’s Got Talent Have in common with Companies hiring interns?
  1. Companies seek talent — not professionals with years of experience (then you should take it as a warning sign about the company exploiting experienced professionals-and you probably don’t want to work there anyway)
  2. Diversity is proven to strengthen a team — New additions to the team means new insights, no one wants to be stuck with a bunch of homogeneous employees.
  3. Giving back — Developing others in what you know is one of the the most responsible things a company can do
  4. Learning from others with fresh talent- You might actually know more than you think that they don’t know

Not too many years ago, internships were the domain of only the most career-driven students. In this forgone era, degrees were often enough for students to secure a grad job. But now, the reality is that in most cases a degree alone won’t get you anywhere unless it’s paired with some legitimate work experience.

This is where internships come in. Whether it be summer internship in-between semesters, a part-time internship to be juggled with your studies, or a year-long placement year, students have multiple options when trying to fit in some work experience before university ends and the real world…

This article was written by Daniel King - Gen Z Student, Writer, Traveller of the world 🌍.

All job-hunters face strong competition in a difficult market, so it is important to make sure you stand out from the crowd in an interview or when making an initial application. Here’s some advice on how I stood out in the past, and the rules to follow to ensure your efforts are well-placed.

Job interviews are never easy

So when informed that my interview for an internship at a large multinational company required me to give a 10 minute presentation on an object…

Picking your electives? Want to know what skills are the most desired and well-paid by companies right now?

In recent years it has become extremely popular not only to hire interns with an analytical mindset and flair for IT who are passionate about creating hypotheses and testing them out by analysing tons of data points.

These skills are not limited to landing your next internship in Data analytics, Data science but also in Artificial intelligence, an industrial PhD, or even your next dream job.

3 Highly desired skills include:

📈Identifying and analyzing behavioral data and patterns

⚙ Knowledge, or willingness to learn tools like: Tableau…

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