Feeling a bit better so my ranting moments are now bound to end. Wanna know a secret? It’s not that interesting but it’s still a secret so, uhm, okay. Whenever I feel sad, frustrated, devastated, furious, disappointed, or anything in between, I usually feel the need to right down what I’m feeling that specific moment. I have no idea but I feel better in a way that I do not need another person to talk to just to spill out my rants or emotions. Honestly, this feels more rightful for me. I would never tell another person my problems because I will surely regret it afterwards. I’m not comfortable of the thought that others go beyond my set boundaries regarding my privacy. I am not that person who often feels the need to open up whenever I feel something negative. I am a really quiet person and from what I have observed for the past years, others feel more safe when they share their personal issues with me. Maybe because they know that I do not talk too much (?) and so it’s gonna be fine. I’ll end it here, I surely need to rest my right hand.

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