Art Attacks System. System Attacks Art. Artists Remains Artists!

Ai WeiWei

The core dependency of an artist growing between extreme hostility and insecurities is his bravery. Artists have the gut to question the contemporary system, the wrong and the debated. And in return, they are questioned, prosecuted, house arrested and even their life is put on threat.

Ai WeiWei is is one of the most famous artists living today. More importantly, he is the most famous artist in China today. As an activist, he call for world attention to human rights violations on an epic scale, using his intellect, ideas and wit. Interestingly, as an artist, he literally expands the boundary of art by including new forms of social engagement.

He grew up in a country, where free speech is not recognised as one of the most important or at least a human rights, where police have beaten him, bulldozed his newly-built studio and even put him under extensive scrutiny. He grew up in China where a revolutionary and questioning artists like him are not seen in good lights.

But the constant pressure and persecution did not take Ai WeiWei down. He continued with his artwork and today known to be one of the greatest artists of his time. He is behind many exceptionally great art. Some of his most famous include

Most of his work challenge the contemporary system, if you take a close look, is all about questioning the belief, system, adopted principles. His work is all about testing the limits of freedom. One of his most famous artwork include Dropping a Han Dynasty Urn — in which he explores the show-stopping conceptual brilliance. Some of the other art work of Ai Weiwei that need special mention include Study of Perspective Tiananmen Square, Ton of Tea, Straight etc.

Should you want to learn more about this great artist, his great work and the gallery; please visit the website.

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