The Future of Cryptocurrency Trading

Feb 19 · 3 min read

The cryptocurrency market has seen its ups and downs over the last decade since the creation of bitcoin. Today in 2019, over a decade since the first cryptocurrency was created, cryptocurrency trading continues to thrive despite an over year-long bear market. The market has evolved to include amateur and professional traders alike, all of whom are seeking to profit from their cryptocurrency trades. With this in mind, the i-Pandora team has created a set of world-class cryptocurrency trading tools. Their main goal with the development of these cryptocurrency trading tools remains increasing the efficiency of the trader through access to empowering software. The i-Pandora trading platform includes tools to access arbitrage deals across multiple cryptocurrency exchanges, a functional portfolio tracking app call Pandfolio, and software guides to help you follow the best traders in the market. All of these tools have been developed in the hopes of further driving the legitimacy of cryptocurrency through institutional grade software access for all. Let’s dive in and take a close look at what the i-Pandora platform offers.

Better Cryptocurrency Trading Software

Overall, the cryptocurrency marketplace continues to thrive despite a long bear market that has lasted for over a year now since Bitcoin hit nearly $20,000 in late 2017. Even during this bear market, the interest levels in Cryptocurrency as an asset class have continued to thrive, with daily trade volume often breaking $25 billion within the niche cryptocurrency trading markets. Through this, i-Pandora has developed a digital ecosystem which will cater to cryptocurrency traders. The platform will easily allow a trader to sync in their Binance, Kraken, and other large cryptocurrency exchanges into one convenient location. Furthermore, i-Pandora will offer cryptocurrency trading groups the ability to share their trades or follow other traders to see where the market is going. Further, in the spirit of analytics, the i-Pandora will deploy a twitter aggregator to help traders customize their twitter feeds to provide insights on their favorite digital assets. Finally and most exciting, traders will now be able to connect their cryptocurrency trading accounts directly to the professional grade software known as MetaTrader 5. This includes the desktop and mobile editions of the software and should provide a new powerful tool in the cryptocurrency trading arsenal.

Access Cryptocurrency Trading Like the Professionals

i-Pandora has worked hard to deploy a suite of cryptocurrency trading tools that will empower the average user to the same degree as professional traders. These tools include access to the acclaimed MetaTrader5 software which can be connected directly to your favorite cryptocurrency exchange. Currently, i-Pandora offers connections to the following cryptocurrency trading platforms: Binance, Kraken, Poloniex, KUCoin, Okex, Bittrex or HitBtc. We plan to deploy more connections with the most prestigious and trusted cryptocurrency exchanges in the market. Furthermore, i-Pandora has launched a cryptocurrency portfolio tracking app called Pandfolio. This application will give traders renewed access to their portfolio changes in real time. Pandfolio will allow traders to stay up to date with over 2000+ cryptocurrencies. Together, Pandfolio and MetaTrader 5 give crypto investors an unprecedented level of visibility and control over their assets.

Learn more about i-Pandora Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

We have launched an exciting new tutorial section with a plethora of intel for you to get started trading like the pros on These educational styled videos will help users gain a better understand as to how to access and properly use i-Pandora. If you ever have suggestions on tutorial videos or specific content you would like to see, we encourage you to reach out to our team directly through the i-Pandora website.

All and all, i-Pandora plans to offer a full suite of trading tools to cryptocurrency trading firms and individuals alike. No longer will big trading firms have access to tools which the individual does not. Through the development of i-Pandora, the cryptocurrency trading field will be more level than ever before. Furthermore, access to i-Pandora’s suite of trading tools is completely free when you start with the basic MetaTrader5 program with promotional access to all services currently in February 2019. We encourage you to access these professional grade cryptocurrency trading tools during the promotional time period.


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