A band, a brand, and a name.

As an aspiring musician, I am beginning to understand the ups and downs of the industry and it really is just the tip of the iceberg. After touring Canada, working in studios, spending countless hours promoting all our dates and gigs along the way, and networking almost 24/7, the nature of the business has never been more apparent. It is… well… a business and it’s nothing short of cruel. The flaky people that have to be dealt with and the obscene amount of competition that one has to cut through are only some of the challenges that are then furthered by the lack of support towards musicians in general.

Saying that you’re trying to become a musician or that you play in a band can receive a laugh or a “that’s cute” (though the latter is often masked by “cool” accompanied by a weak smile). People seem to think that you are either racking in millions and constantly touring the world or that you’ll never make a living and smell really, really bad. But there is so much more to music than most people realize. There is an enormous amount of work and disciplined that must be maintained with a professional attitude. It’s not all about being at the right place at the right time because that right place and time will never come if you aren’t constantly making opportunities for yourself.

The goal of this blog is to help shed light on the inner workings of the music business and, in particular, fellow performers and bands who are looking to establish a band, a brand, and a name for themselves.

Interviews and coverage coming soon!

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