Writing High

Tuesday the guest blog posted on Anjahanee’s site. It was such a surge of happy chemicals when it did, because there were already people hyped up about it from her social media and the ten people I have on my Twitter account. I remembered why I write. I was inspired by Anjahanee to write a great creative blog, and I sat back to wait for the response. That’s where I am right now. The creative idea is out there on the blog, waiting for people to respond to the blog, either in the comments or on Twitter. Maybe some of them will come find me on my blog site, which would be great!

I’ve written, and written well, but I can’t expect this high every time I write. Creativity is like a muscle in that sometimes you’re pumped to use it and sometimes “Oh Gosh it hurts so much why did I do that owwwww.” And then you’re too stiff to move because you overdid your workout, or you didn’t stretch properly, or this is the first time in twenty years you’ve done a squat. Hyperbole? Probably. Is it relatable though? I would certainly hope so.

Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

One of the big things that I never thought to try was using Twitter hashtags for my writing. You say “Duh, were you born in the last century?” I give an abashed nod because I’m an old person millennial. I grew up with the internet, but I never really tried to leverage it to support myself. If I want to continue to make an impact, I have to remember to utilize Twitter to its fullest capability. I have to find a balance between sending people to my work and spamming. I have to, but I’m not alone in learning how to do it. There is a Writing Community Hashtag on Twitter that I’m sure would welcome another writer into their midst, especially if I use writer words like midst.

That’s why I’m not going to be putting up the paywall for my blog on Medium for the next three months. I had that high, but I don’t know enough about what just happened to make it happen again. So what am I going to do in the meantime? Learn.

Photo by Nicole Honeywill on Unsplash

I’m too hungry to freelance right now, but once the season gets started again I could add a little to my regular income. Of course, I would also need to learn about how taxes work for a freelance writer, but I’m putting together a list. What are some things you’ve learned about freelancing that you want to share with a rookie? Maybe it’s about taxes, maybe it’s about not giving away all your secrets. In any case, let me know on Twitter at @JeremyAdcock5 or through email at thejabides@gmail.com. Until next time…