The Jaded Top 4: Finishers

by Squeak Dudley

A finishing move is a funny thing in professional wrestling. On paper it most likely is as devastating as any other move in a match but they have the potential to make us leave our seats and start chants of “Holy Sh*t! Holy Sh*t”…

Almost started chanting looking at this picture…

The finishing move also needs to be treated in a way that doesn’t devalue its effectiveness (Here’s looking at you Roman Reigns…kicking out of 4 AA’s You kidding me?). Back when I was a young lad a finishing move signified the end of a match. Wrestlers would rarely kick out leaving you speechless when they actually did. Nowadays that may not be the case (a rant for another day), but there is something to be said about our favorites.

So without further ado here are the Jaded Jobbers Top 4: Finishing moves.

  1. Mal Venus: The Swanton Bomb

What is not to love about the Swanton bomb? This move made famous by Jeff Hardy is one of the most iconic moves of the Attitude Era. Whether it be his match at Wrestlemania 2000 in the triangle ladder match or the TLC match with CM Punk shown above, Jeff Hardy’s signature move not only captivated audiences but showed us what new heights (pun!) pro-wrestling could be taken to.

On a side note, one of the biggest pops I've ever had as a wrestling fan was this past Wrestlemania 33 with the return of the Hardy’s, and of course a Swanton off the top of a ladder. Thank you Jeff for all you’ve done for the business.

2. Big Papi: The Worm

Another move whose popularity was at its peak during the late Attitude Era: “The Worm” is one of the most iconic moves for its crowd participation. Yes, you could argue that its pure silliness made suspending disbelief difficult, but it’s fun factor cannot be denied. As evidenced above in an Old School episode of RAW, the move still holds a special place in fans hearts…including our very own Big Papi.

Though the move does the unthinkable in taking longer to execute than The People’s Elbow, we still got excited whenever we were able to pull it off on No Mercy N64…

You’re Welcome.

3. Matty No Chin: The Shooting Star Press

A perfectly executed shooting star press is a thing of beauty. From the countless examples to choose from (ready to get angry?) Evan Bourne’s is one to take note of. There is a definite sense of marvel as a wrestler performs this move to elevate the match.

Any good finishing move should be able to take a match to the next level and there is no question that the Shooting Star Press does just that.

4. Squeak Dudley: The Stone Cold Stunner

No list of top finishing moves is ever complete without a nod to the Stone Cold Stunner. The move that friends and little brothers around the country were subjected to during the peak of the Attitude era. It has all the makings of a good finisher: it’s quick to pull off, fun, and legitimately could hurt.

It doesn’t hurt that during arguably the biggest feud of that era it had someone who sold it so beautifully in the Rock (see above for video). Nowadays we know he was making bets with Stone Cold on how well he could sell it, their wager? Beer. Of course.

So that’s our list for greatest finishers! For more stories like this make sure to check back frequently…until then….

Stay Jaded.

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