For Writers Table of Contents

For Writers Table of Contents

Table of Contents


(Under Construction-If No Link-Check Back For Updates & Additions)

  1. Online Library, Resources, and Word Fun Links
  2. Software & Tools For Writers (Free & Low Cost & Fun or Makes Life Easier)
  3. Podcast For Writer’s (Myriad of Subjects reference Writers & Publishing)
  4. Writing & Marketing Courses For Writer’s
  5. Email List Building
  6. Bullet Journaling For Writer’s
  7. Writer’s & Taxes
  8. Copyright Infringement: Images You Can and Can’t Share on Your Blog
  9. The Power of Habit*
  10. Author Platform & Blogging
  11. Character Building Tools: Traits, Needs & Personality Tests
  12. Story Structure & Elements
  13. More Story Elements
  14. Get Unstuck, Remove Blocks, Fixes, Inspiration: Secrets & Wisdom
  15. The Brain & Writer’s: Stories Change The Brain
  16. Final Drafts
  17. Copywriting, Content Management, Sell More Books
  18. Writing Short Stories & Flash Fiction
  19. Marketing, Promotion, Self-Publishing
  20. 640+ killer ways to promote your book — article
  21. How To Get Your Book Notice With Fantastic Results — article
  22. 7 Best Ways To Build An Authentic Author Brand — article
  23. Word Choice For Character Strength on Writer’s In The Storm by Elizabeth Essex — article
  24. Learning About Writing & the Business-Knowledge and Where to Find it #AtoZChallenge 2018 — Ronel the MythMaker
  25. #AuthorToolboxBlogHop: Monthly Blog Hop for authors who want to learn more about being authors Raimey Gallant & Interview with Raimey Gallant on Ronel the Mythmaker.
  26. Pros And Cons Of Traditional Publishing vs Self-Publishing TheCreativePenn — article
  27. The Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Guide for Beginners — Step by Step by WPBeginners Editorial Staff
  28. Beginners Guide For WordPress WPBeginners Editorial Staff
  29. Books On Writing Craft & Business
  30. The Business Side of Writing
  31. The 5 Second Rule*
  32. Getting it Right: Writing to Market #AtoZChallenge #ownvoices by Ronel Janse van Vuuren
  33. 10 Success Tips From Stephen King by Jenny Hansen @ Writer’s In The Storm — article
  34. Outlining, Beats & Story ARCS
  35. Blurbs & Query Letters
  36. Editing Your Manuscript


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