When You’re Young and Your Best Days are Behind You
Zach J. Payne

Great post. I will prove it to you by my following response because you move me. You are a writer.

Focus on the goal not on what you did or did not do or did wrong. That does not matter. Persist, step forward. You will do this. Never say never because the one absolute in life like gravity is it is gonna change — comes to us all one way or another. Life is constantly in motion.

Life’s tough for everyone. We all have trials, challenges, tragedies, and most of us are just mediocre. I’ve learned to flip it, the thoughts. It has changed my outlook.

Instead of saying I can’t — I say I found 20 ways not to do that. Instead of saying I failed — I say I will face this challenge and I will conquer it. I get back up for the one millionth time and do it again — hopeful a different way cause want different results.

FLIP IT, whatever negative thought/phrase/action you come up with flip it with positive words and inten and actions. I dare you. Look for kindness in yourself, others and the world around you. If you look, you will find.

Every time you think it do that. IT AINT EASY — its a challenge. its mental work but I dare ya. Been going thru a few struggles myself but learning to see the world differently. My life is good yet very little has change. Now that is a miracle. Wish I known this when I was 26, but just learning it at 53.