Fear of Sharing the Real Me
Lisa Wilton

I have found the authentic me speaks awkwardly, substitutes synonyms and antonyms for the word I’m actually thinking, plus I don’t spell nearly as well as I think I do. I invert words and phrases. My grammar is horrible. I make awkward sentences a lot. Yeah, my authentic me needs a editor and creates a lot of work for me.

However, I find it hard not to be authentic because my soul craves it in all aspects of my life.

As for writing, I’m a fiction writer. Everyone seams to have a different view on what authentic voice means in writing. The best description for my purposes I have received so far is… “Telling the story in a realistic manner while pretending to be someone else.” by Holly Lisle.

I’m taking a course on VOICE right now by Holly Lisle, so yeah I get it. I also get what you saying here and in my non fiction writing I question that about myself too. Here are links if interested in what I mentioned.

No this are not affiliate links — I googled them, although I am an affiliate because I love Holly’s writing and I love the way she teaches and the person she is — now that is an authentic voice.

24-Hour-Intensive: Find Your Writing Voice - Holly's Writing Classes


Ten Steps to Finding Your Writing Voice | Holly Lisle: Official Author …

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