I’m Back From the Bahamas…

4000+ souls along with 1500 crew members sailed the seas on May 7th-11th aboard Carnival Liberty. In one day, they consumed 18,000 eggs, that is one tired chicken. Avoided shipwreck and did not have to use the lifeboats.

This is actually my third time to go to the Bahamas. It has become a tradition at the end of a Bahamas cruise or trip to smoke a Cuban cigar before the return to the United States port.

Yeah, its pretty funny and fun, the dual “F”. We do love to amuse ourselves. ROFL-Selfie!

Nighttime on the Toledo Deck listening to the music and dance on the deck below, which we overlooked. The picture is the tail of the Carnival ship, The Liberty.

We had a lot of fun. Party!

Cruise Dance: The Wobble, The Cupid Shuffle & others. Videos from YouTube.

Carnival Dining. The dining below us.

DID YOU KNOW How Human Noise Affects the Ocean?

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