IN QUIT CAT’S OPINION (Tribute to a dear friend)


By Juneta Key 2008

My history is long and ancient.
I was once revered as a Egyptian god.
My blood lines are aristocratic.
I am a skilled hunter.

My nature is wild, independent and sensual.
I am a creature of instinct.
Ping Pong Mouse in a cardboard box is my favorite game.
I love to play and pounce from hidden places.

You have my affection, but my attention must be earned.
My mind is curious, nimble, and sensitive.
If you talk to me I will talk back.
I am resourceful, adaptable, and can be self sufficient.

I can problem solve when I choose, or in great boredom.
I dont like to be bored.
I can become very demanding in such circumstances.
I crave cleanliness.

I do not like my feet to get dirty.
I practice good hygiene, so please keep my facilities clean.
You won’t like me if I get miffed about it.
I am ever watchful, and easily amused.

My sarcasm can be observed in my expressions.
I am not above making a social statement, or showing my disdain.
If I am mad at you I will ignore you.
Or I might claw or bite, and then run.

If I am in a mood, I will ignore you.
If you behave outrageous or silly, I will ignore you.
However I will be secretly amused.
If you want something you need to make it worthy of my attention.

I like high places, and dark corners.
Card board boxes, and brown paper sacks.
I crave the sunshine, and warm places to nap.
When over excited I might bite.

Most often it is in play, but occasionally in anger.
I am mischievous, and enjoy pranks that startle.
When stroked, I will stretch and arch my body.
I rumble in appreciation of such affection from those I deem worthy.

When I enjoy something you will know it.
I will demand more of the same.
I like to touch, and be touched.
It can excite me, or sooth me.

I am primal and domestic; both these forces exist within me.
My spirit cannot be tamed.
I allow domestication because of my affection for you.
Gain my respect and affection. Earn my loyalty.

Am I magical?
Do I know things?
Do I have nine lives?
Of course I do, after all I am a cat.

Make me feel safe.
Entertain me, love me.
Give me room to be myself.
Then my heart and loyalty will forever be yours.

IN LOVING MEMORY OF KIT KAT who thought her name was really–> (Quit Cat!!!) A cat with attitude, many social comments, and HEART! 18 Years Lived Long January 2008-I love you.

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