5 reasons to use a Facebook Page instead of Profile

Especially for authors, consultants, experts, business owners and for people who are starting business out of their passion: Posting on your profile instead of your personal page is the worst thing you can do for your business and brand.

So what’s the difference between posting a status, video or anything on a page, compared to your profile?

I will help you break down the reasons why you should avoid posting your business stuff on your profile (As you are leaving money on the table that could potentially cost you thousands of dollars!)

What’s the difference between a profile and a page?

A Facebook Profile is meant to be a private and personal profile for yourself. You get a profile when you signup with Facebook, add friends, and communicate on a personal level.

You only have one Facebook Profile under your name at any given time and can never create more.

On the other hand, a Facebook Page is meant to be a public profile for businesses, brands and organisations. You can create as many pages as you want if you have multiple brands or businesses.

Instead of adding friends, you gain ‘Likes’. You can get likes from anyone in Facebook, including non-friends as well too.

Should I Use A Page Or Profile For Business?

The short answer is definitely a Facebook Page.

Even if you are not promoting the profile as a business but yourself, here’s 5 reasons why you should do your business on your page instead of a profile.

Reason #1: You Need A Page For Advertising

You may be promoting your business on Facebook because you don’t want to spend on advertising. However, that means every time you post something on your profile, your only reach are your your followers and friends.

When done right, Facebook Advertising helps you unlock the hidden treasure chest of helping you find the most relevant customers for your business. Your profile just doesn’t have that kind of power to reach out to those audiences.

Besides, if you think that your organic reach of pages are low, profiles are similar too. Facebook has its own Algorithm that only allow a fraction of your friends see whatever you post too.

With Facebook Advertising as well, you unlock a powerful tool called Facebook Insights with your account which allows you to access ALL of Facebook’s data for advertisers as well which could have you find where your potential buyers and clients are.

Having a page allows you to get information such as the picture above: Age, gender, page likes, location, and more.

Not to mention, you can start from only $5/day on Facebook Advertising as well. If that is too expensive for you, then you aren’t running a ‘real’ business.

Reason #2: You’re capped at 5000 friends

If you are using your Facebook Profile for your business, it severely limits your reach as the most you can reach up to is 5,000 friends.

I bet you definitely want more than 5,000 customers for your business, which is why having a page is crucial to pass this barrier.

Even if you just started out, you’ll eventually need to grow and scale your business and you definitely don’t want to transit to a page down the road because of the hassle that comes with it too.

Reason #3: It’s Just Unprofessional

With many of Facebook reminders such as friend anniversary and birthdays, it doesn’t make sense for your fans to wish your business happy birthday, does it?

You are also limited to basic information that you can key in for your business, and not business relevant information.

On a page, you can fill up more relevant information that your potential buyers can see which you can’t do so in a profile.

Reason #4: Unable To Pixel Your Audience

Without being able to advertise on your profile, you also lose the ability to pixel your audience.

As mentioned in #1, a page allows you to do advertising on Facebook. With the ability to advertise, you can also pixel your audience who interact with your page or posts.

A pixel is like a ‘cookie’ that Facebook plants onto your audience when they do something when they interact with your page. It could be watching one of your videos, messaging your page, saving your post, or even just visiting your page.

Once a user does an action with your page, they can be tracked for their action. For example, you will know how many people watched your video or even visited your page.

You can then track and target these group of people with very targeted advertising. This feature is called retargeting.

The possibilities are endless with pixel targeting. You can even use this feature to target people on your email list, in your database or even people who visited your website!

Facebook is known to be able to precisely target your audience, and running your business on your profile only means that these features would not be available for you to use.

Reason #5: It’s Against The Rules

If all the above points do not matter to you, this one should. According to their Terms and Conditions, you are not allowed to use your profile for personal gains.

Still ignore this? Then you will risk getting shut down by Facebook because you violated their terms.

How Do You Overcome This Problem?

Even though this is a problem, you could easily start making changes to avoid getting shut down by Facebook.

The solution depends on your situation:

  1. If your profile is posting as yourself, then you should start by creating a Facebook Page over here.
  2. If your profile is posting as your business, then you need to migrate your profile into a page here.

Either way, the result is that you need to operate both a profile (that is yourself) and a page for your business. This would allow you to connect with friends as well on your personal profile, while leaving your business updates on your page.

This does not mean you can’t promote your business related stuff on your page. What you should do is create the business related post on your Facebook Page, then share it to your Facebook Profile like what Jason does below:

You can even write a more personal message on your profile with the shared post as well. This still allows your business to ‘advertise’ to your profile, while reaping all the benefits of a page.

Even if you don’t want to reach new leads on Facebook, doing this allows you to do advertising to audiences who have interacted with your content already and make highly targeted messaging for these groups of buyers.

What’s the ‘Right’ Way To Advertise My Business On My Facebook Profile?

As long as you keep to this strategy by sharing your page post to your profile, you are well within Facebook’s guidelines. To reiterate again, your profile needs to be about you and not your business.

Here are 5 tips you can follow to leverage on your Facebook Profile for your business:

1. Having a great cover photo/profile picture

Use your profile picture and cover photo to your advantage here. You can make both pictures professional and amazing looking just like your business. Like what Jason does, it shows a professional picture of his business while keeping a more ‘casual’ but presentable appearance in his profile picture:

2. Updating your ‘Current Employers’

You can use this option to bring awareness to people that you work at your business. In order to do this, you need to click the update info button at the bottom right hand corner of your cover picture.

After which, click Add A Workplace:

Under company, you want to fill up your page name and the fill up the relevant information in the rest of the boxes. Once you click save changes, people would be able to identify your business from your profile page!

3. Updating The Rest Of Your Profile

Besides that, use the rest of your profile to showcase yourself and your business too! This would allow any potential who is checking out your profile be directed to your Facebook page or even your website where they can find out more about you.

Under Contacts and Basic Info: You can list your websites you own, including your business.

Details About You: You can write about yourself, and your business that you own or work in as well.

4. Allow People To Follow You

People who may not know about you or your friends can opt to follow you instead of sending a friend request. However, you need to enable the option for people to follow you right here.

However when doing this, you want to watch your Privacy settings when you do your posts from now on. You may have some things that you only want to share your friends and that you don’t want your followers to see it.

5. Share About Your Life

One way to do this is to mix in personal profile updates and updates from your business at the same time too. People want to know YOU on your profile, and not your business.

Be human, and show people your own personal story as well.

Jason on his personal profile gives his readers an insight of his life and what he went through, like what you see above. After which, he talks about why he started business and doing what he’s doing now.


If done right, you will need to use both your Facebook Profile and Page in order to expose your business and brands to more people.

The most important thing is that having your business on a Facebook Page opens a whole load of opportunity including getting new leads, targeting ads to warm/hot market, and access to Facebook’s secret treasure of database.

Your profile should be more of a personal nature instead of business-like, and shows people the ‘real’ you behind the scenes. Use this the right way and it will be an advantage for you as well too.

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