My desire to produce videos at rapid speed with 1-shot takes…

Have you heard of the saying, “1-min fame on stage; 10 years effort down off stage”?

Ever since I started; I’ve put in over 100+ hours of mastery training on my own. There’s over hundreds of videos that never got published.

They look weird, I look weird, I stumbled on my words -


No matter how many people tried to put me down;


No matter how many diss I received;



I realized if I wanted to share my important message with the world; to help couples heal back their relationships, so it doesn’t end up like my non-successful ones; and families to improve their connections, then my best hope was videos,


Every time I got dejected from critics I remind myself,


If you haven’t heard my story before, at the age of 28 my 7-year romance ended with the lady I thought I was gonna get married. My obsession with wealth for freedom consumed me and I neglected the relationship; it eventually cost me dearly and fell apart. In the first 90 days I was suicidal at multiple times of the day. My mother was busy working- our relationship was shaky and rocky, I only had my younger brother hang out with me every weekend when he book out from the army. No one else, just him.

He was there for me; just being there with me and doing everything I want to do. I looked forward to every weekend so I can have him to be with; someone who wouldn’t judge me for what I was going through in the heartbreak and just be there for me emotionally.

It was by far the toughest experience in my life I have to deal with, alone.

I had no friends, I didn’t socialize for 7 years. It was all work and money; chasing an illusion freedom

12-weeks later, I’m out of the pit-hole and found a higher purpose for my mission to live strong in life: to create a sense of belonging for Entrepreneurs in Singapore; an academy they can call home and build their network week after week; month after month.

Because me too, yearn for that sense of belonging when I just started my business; no one around me was able to guide me or mentor me on my business. Everyone around me is saying “business is too difficult” — I fell into depression when I picked up my phone and had no one to call for help. I stare blank at the phone realizing how lonely I was after the 7-year romance fell apart.

I swore I’d never had no person to call on my phone again. I will cherish and treasure every relationship. I will learnt how to build long lasting deep bonding relationships with people I meet and get mentors who’ve already accomplish the goals I want to achieve and show me the way; guide me every step of the way.

At first I relied on books and videos from Bob Proctor​ Tony Robbins​ Brendon Burchard — Live. Love. Matter.​ — my 3 biggest mentor in life to help me shape my thinking and habits to become a respected member of my community, and led me to meeting great people such as Jack HM Wong​ Melvin Soh​ who mentored me and introduced me to the world of events and facilitations. I was fortunate enough to be trained by a man named Marshall Thurber​ personally; who was the mentor who personally trained Jay Abraham​ T. Harv Eker​, Robert Kiyosaki​ Robert G. Allen​ Mark Victor Hansen​ Tony Robbinsbecame who they are today. I was extremely lucky I got trained by the same mentor who trained the movers of the world today; with the accomplishments I desire to achieve one day.

Today I live a life not in sorrows over a failed relationship; but to pass on my knowledge and experience, success & failures to my students who were once in my shoes — helping them save 10–15 years of their learning curve in order to achieve success a lot faster and earlier.

I’m able to do all these because I found the mentors, and I found the right network to hang around in. I have advisors on my speed-dial I can make a quick-call with, and within 5 mins I find alignment, clarity and purpose.

This didn’t come easy. And it wasn’t cheap. I’ve spent almost $100,000 in seminars and courses in order to have this new group of great friends, network, and support.

If I ever give an advice to new entrepreneurs, it’ll be this: “Stop trying to rely on your own efforts. Never think you have all the answers. It’s stupid; its silly- it’s dumb. The day you think you have all the answers will be the beginning of your downfall”

Thanks for reading. I hope this serves you.

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