I thought I need copywriting to “make it online” — I was so wrong

Are you a marketer aspiring to become an Entrepreneur, and mistakenly thinking if you can’t write you can’t sell online? You might be making a huge mistake I made. (Waring: Avoid)

I spent 3-years mastering copywriting format and structure with my non-harvard english with full of grammar mistakes.

AIDA TIFA MOOLA — famous of the famous copy structure you can think of out there in the world

Guess what I’ll never teach in my programs…


It’s not a transferable skill; not everyone is born a conversion copywriter-

To write is easy; to write FOR sales and conversion is not(that’s why big time sales writer get paid huge sum of money)

Every marketer say this(copywriting) skill is the singular “MOST” important skill, so I spent $10,000+ thousands buying courses after courses….

in USD.

Know what I learnt?

They are not to the Entrepreneur.

I thought the blood in me was a marketer blood, 3-years later I realized it not.

Copywriting is like the “Big-Headed Giant” you see in the movies(let’s call him Tom), that ferry their small sized brother(let’s call him John) who gave them the directions where to walk, how to fight, what to do.

Essentially, they are BIG in size but SMALL in mind. Or rather, they have NO mind on their own at all.

Only with the right directions they become useful and effective.

Without it, they are quite “useless”

John is Branding and Tom is Copywriting.

Be like John.

Don’t learn to write; learn to brand.

Copywriting is like the windscreen wiper of a car; they are useless until a certain parameters have been met, such as raining days to clear the waters to provide a clear vision.

But branding is the DRIVER who gives the DIRECTION of the car.

Branding is not just about logo size or design color.

Branding is an IDENTITY you’ve created for yourself in your industry, for your partners, suppliers, and clients.

The amount of VALUE you’ve created as an result of your free content and paid programs.

The level of APPRECIATION your followers and parters gave you

The TRUST you’ve establish in your marketplace.

That’s what (in my best 9 years of entrepreneurship since selling real estate) saw in branding.

Elon Must wasn’t a copywriter; definitely not Steve Jobs

If you’re a marketer, perhaps copywriting is a great skill to have-

But if you want to become an Entrepreneur — scrap that idea of thinking you need this “phenomenal skill” to write in order to succeed online.

Entrepreneurship is Effective Stewardship — It’s the ability to pull resources together; delegate effectively — focusing on your strength while leveraging on the strength of others.

Robert Kiyosaki made simple to understand; to transit from a 1-man show and build a business that will make more money while you’re away on holiday than you were in the business requires 2 things; People & System

I found that the ingredients within this 2 component were:


If you’re like me, an Entrepreneur, then your realization should be


Your daily question should be, “what is the leverage missing, that if present, will materialize my goals faster?”

10 years of trying to “make it online” — I’ll probably “make it” earlier if I removed the ego of trying to “figure out on my own” and understood the importance of mentorship-

there’s a saying in the “success world” — if you’re the smartest person in the room you’re in the wrong room; I was in my bedroom trying to figure it out
Being a bully victim, not trained in business or entrepreneurship, I had to figure it all out on my own using my only vehicle and trusted friend, The Internet.

Today I use the same vehicle to find the person who’s foolishly trying to do what I wished I hand’t done, be there for them; and make my teachership available


My advice to budding out entrepreneurs: Don’t figure out on your own. you might win the game; but you’ll lose the time. Money in the bank don’t make you money; it only gives you a false sense of security — a loaf of bread will become $10 when war comes. You need to equip yourself with relevant skills to make deals and negotiate for your family

There comes a time when you need more than just money for the equation to get survive.

I hope this serves you, thanks for reading.

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