I was asked the question,

"I am having trouble closing Facebook ad clients because they say " Well your service doesn't guarantee me sales though " Thoughts?"

Guarantees are probably the most powerful selling mechanism on the internet. But most people do it wrong. No-one dare to guarantee anything because they believe that the result is out of their control

That's because most people are only in control of their own product/service, and not in control to the best interests of their buyers.

This reply was written for people who offer lead generation service on Facebook, but the principle of guarantee applies.



you can offer guarantee if you understand the entire business's pipeline and sales process, their salesmanship, their probability on closing ratio.

For eg.

Month 1: 100 leads generated, 50 qualified, 5 closed(5%)
Month 2: 100 leads generated, 50 qualified, 2 closed(2%)
Month 3: 100 leads generated, 50 qualified, 1 closed(1%)

Their avg closing ratio = 3% ((5 +2 + 1)/3)

If 1 sale = $1,000
then 300 leads = 9 sale = $9,000

Understanding this context, your next role is to find out their budget for advertising and your fees.

Now you can guarantee them $9,000 sales (IF) they maintain their closing ratio for every 100 leads you generated for them.

Deliver an experience and be in their shoes to find out what THEY need to increase their sales if your leads are qualified- recommend a sales trainer for their sales team to close.

No you cannot guarantee anything if you are only concern and focused with lead generation. If you care enough for your clients and understand their process to the T, they will see you as the Trusted Advisor for all their future marketing.


Every business, every product, every service, can absolutely offer guarantees. Even electronics, prone to wear/tear is offered 10-year guarantee - Why?

How do you construct guarantees that wouldn't jeopardize your business?

Think back to how guarantee cards in the past are established.

You must have "Rules" set in place that they MUST follow if they want the guarantees. If they don't follow then the guarantees are breach and they do not enjoy the guarantees. (Put it in B/W)

If you believe in your product/service being the most superior than any of your competitors out there, why not guarantee it anyway?

Guarantees also "force" you to up your level to deliver the results you said you would.

Every business can absolutely have a guarantee on their offer.

It's about how you frame the conditions for your guarantees to be valid for your buyers.

Questions? Comments? I'd love to hear your success in applying the principles :)

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