Leads Mastery: Get Leads Online!

Leads Principle #1: Location Leverage

In this video we talked about the principles to help you attract endless flow of leads coming to your business; not every lead source is created the same — a lead from Facebook is worth very differently from the lead who came from Linkedin — the 1st principle is call Location Leverage and there’s 3 tactical methods you can use to achieve with this principle.

Leads Principle #2: Value Vortex

Part 2 of 3 video series explains the “Value Vortex” principle and why most people I consult with find it diffiult to implement even though it might be the mission critical factor to their business to succeed online. The 3 tactics I covered don’t require you have any talent to execute them all — I’m proud to say that’s one of my unique skills that I transfer techniques so people without any talent can implement what they can in their own might.

Leads Principle #3: Success Sequence

In this Leads Mastery series video I spoke about how to turn your business into a masterpiece and complete it with bass as well as complimenting it with melody. This is all about FLOW. I was a trumpeter for 4 years during my childhood days and a Melody player; I never played bass — but my melody only sound complete with the bass players. Success Sequence principle is all about the synergy, the flow, the unity between automation and personal touch — which according to what I learnt from my Mentor in The Future of Business program — service is the distinction move that sets your business apart from a robotic world soon.

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