Why You’re Not Producing Your Desired Results

There’s no lack of information to learn online marketing and Facebook advertising from; they’re all great people with huge results, they have milestones for themselves- they get super great results but…

that’s also where the biggest problem lies within.


The brutal harsh truth is, talent is non-transferable; non-duplicable, non-trainable. What “they” can achieve is not what YOU can accomplish. Think about it, how can a Fish learn how to climb a tree like the Monkey?

It can’t, can it?

That’s why you are not producing results even after attending expensive seminars and workshops, one after another.

You’re frustrated you not getting your desired results, still stuck at your current level; or worst yet, maybe even going backwards further than where you started in the first place.

You might even be blaming the trainers and seminars right now…but,

What if I tell you the trainers and seminars are not responsible for your lack of results? And what if I tell you, it’s not your fault too?

If trainer is not at fault, and you are not at fault-

…then who is?

My life transformed with both attending live seminars and learning from online programs;

But it wasn’t until I found my IDENTITY to my real strength and true value that I found my success. It was as if Eagle finally had it’s wing dry and able to FLY

Not everyone is immediately great on camera, smooth in their speech patterns, and even copywriting.

Sure, it can be learnt and with enough practice anyone can do it- but it’ll just be like Panda trying to learn how to swim.

Once I realized this simple yet profound knowledge; I implemented what I know and it took my business results to the next level.


Today, my primary role in the company is focused on getting in-front of camera and speaking; writing, and creating training materials to turn complex idea into simple and easy to understand instructions for my students.

It revolve around ONE simple idea; I don’t do what I’m not supposed to do.

(You’ll be surprised my team actually FORCE me to STOP WORKING and hit the gym! They know that’s where I do my BEST work and come up with ideas to improve the quality of our company. What if you have a championship team that do that for you as well? Who help each other live up to their potential in the company? How will that turn your business around?)

Did you know? Over 80% of entrepreneurs closed down their business in their first 3-years of operation. Part of that reason is because they tried to do everything on their own; and never identifying their underlying ultimate potential and do what they truly excel.

If you truly want to excel in your business; then make sure you first identify your real strength,

1- Farmer
2- Planners
3- Traders
4- Builders

1. The Farmer can’t help but SEED new ideas every day; the thinkers of the world. some say they are the prophets of this world because they can almost ‘see’ the future. They are great initiators; but never good enders. Always trying to start new things over and over again but never good at sustaining and ending it. They are intuitive, spiritual, they work when they are resting. They love their time alone and learning universal truths. If they are assign a task, they ask, “WHAT help do I need?”

2. The Planners are great with people; the natural human resource person for any organization. The nurturers of your team. They are always smiling so people are drawn to them — the last person who have the heart to fire anyone in the company. If you assign a task to them, the first question they ask themselves is, “WHO can I get help from?”

3. The Traders are like the Earth and soil- you cannot plant your seed in the winter and expect it to flourish. Traders are time-sensitive people who always seems to know “when” is the right time for launching a product, buying a stock; which Uber/Grab promotion discount code gives the most buck on the dollar. They LOVE doing things on their own; action driven and they ask, “WHEN should I ask for help?”

4. The Builders can survive even in Winter; but not without step-by-step instructions and rules. If they have no blueprint to follow; they make their own. They love structures and step-by-step instructions. Ever throw a task to someone and they insist on a blueprint instruction to follow? They need the blueprint so they can identify what is needed of them, such as the type hammers; what size of nails to use for the house you want them to build. They ask, “HOW should I get help?”

All 4 can’t thrive without the other on their own. If a Builder is forced to do the Farmer’s thinking work- it will drive them crazy; or if the Traders try to do the Planner’s work they’ll never get anything going.

Understanding which category you belong to helps you enter the “Peak Zone” — once you find it and enter “Peak Zone” — it’s exactly what will happen when you put a Fish in the waters and Monkey to the forest; they naturally excel in their environment.

I have a diverse range of personal breakthrough results from students in several category for different types of business.

What made my achievement so consistent is my obsession with personal excellence and helping people enter their “Peak Zone” in all my programs

When my students are in this state- they achieve results easier and faster; doing things within their natural zone of competence. It’s in-built into their natural GPS system. Like how a GPS always guide you to the right destination you want to arrive at. You have the same GPS within you; if you know how to open up the App and actually use it.

If you don’t, that’s where I come in.

After 10 years of studying personal excellence from global leaders of in seminars and online programs; I’ve been fortunate enough to help my students achieve their results earlier and faster than theirselves trying to figure out on their own — how?

I took my process and systemise it into a step-by-step program, template my thought process so you can “own my talent” and just use it at will — even if you have zero marketing talent, with no business experience — and handhold you week by week in order to implement the results you’re after.

In 2015, my 7-year romance fell apart with the woman I thought I was gonna marry; allowing me to have the time freedom to do this transformational work.

I was suicidal when the romance ended; I was lucky I had a mother who never gave up on me despite the numerous quarrels we had in the past; today we kissed before we leave the house, and a brother who was there for me every week. My suicidal thoughts eventually stopped, and now I live a purposefully life helping other relationships heal and businesses improve.

I thought to myself, I could either sob with the life given to me, or I could spend the alone time doing meaningful work.

Why am I telling you all these?

To let you I am no-one special. I’m just like you- who also have to lived through painful past. But if me — a school bully victim — can overcome it over and over again, so can you.

Since then, I’ve been transferring my experience and process to my students to help with their business growth & marketing.

After helping 100’s of students and produced over $1million in sales collectively through my programs in just 2-years, I’ve been fortunate enough to create multiple success stories across several industry and category of businesses.

I’ve come a long way to learn the truth that time freedom without Contribution will be short-lived and will not get us real fulfilment in life.

I started business in 2009 to become wealthy so I can enjoy time freedom with my loved ones. But I was so driven to make money that I neglected my partner’s needs for the tender care essential for romance, and it finally fell apart.

What I’m after now with my business is purposeful time and meaningful freedom.

Today, I continue in business so I can contribute more profits to more businesses and help them scale their business so they can serve more people all around the world and contribute more to improve humanity.

Our company mission this year is to reunite 1000 families; helping sons and mother reconnect- and healing relationship between couples. So they never have to suffer through what I’ve been through.

What about you? What drives you to start your business and what is it you do to make you wake up everyday? I’d love to hear about it…

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