How to Get Bigger Calves in 3 Easy Steps

Calf training is a touchy subject for most people.

The day that you are born it seems like you are put into one of two groups: Team Calves or Team No-Calves

A few weeks ago I was talking to my friends Jonny and Yusef on the Propane Fitness Podcast. The subject of calves came up, and both Jonny and Yusef revealed to me that they were both lifers on Team No-Calves.

I felt bad for the guys, because no one needs to be a Lifer of Team No-Calves. In fact, anyone can change the size of their calves, but it just takes some work. On the podcast, I taught them my simple approach, and it only consists of 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Train Your Calves Every Workout Day

If you have skinny calves, then you need to be training your calves every time you go to the gym. Frequency is key for calf training.

Last month I had John Meadows on the JMax Fitness Podcast, and he revealed to me that he trains his calves every single workout (and he trains 6 days per week).

So I recommend training your calves each and every workout. On top of this, you can train your calves on “off-days”, all you have to do is find some stairs and do a bunch of bodyweight calf raises.

Step 2: Train Them For At Least 10 Minutes

The simplest method for training your calves is to train them for a minimum of 10 minutes. Within those 10-minutes, the goal is to do as much work as possible (maximum reps and weight as possible within a full range of motion). Basically, you’ll be using density training to attack your calves.

Step 3: Use Higher Reps

When it comes to calves, I find that higher reps work best (although low reps are occasionally effective). This means a minimum of 10 reps per set in standing calf raises, and a minimum of 12 reps per set in seated calf raises.

Putting it All Together

At the start of each workout, dedicate 10 minutes to training your calves.

Pick a weight that you can do for over 10 reps, and then do as many reps as possible. Rest as needed, and keep up this process until 10 minutes are up. Each workout, try to do one more rep than the previous workout.

Try using this routine as part of your warmup. It’s basically your only hope of being traded from Team No-Calves to Team Calves.

If you’re interested in building the rest of your legs, I recommend checking out this video: