Is This The Simplest Method To Build Your Legs?

It’s no secret that many of my fitness methods go against what most fitness gurus are teaching. For me, if there are adequate science or case studies which support a training method, then I’m all for it.

Many fitness professionals preach back squats as the best method to building your legs. I disagree. While I think they are a great tool for building your legs, I’ve found that going big and heavy on Bulgarian split squats (BSS) is the way to go; and this got me thinking…

What if you were to challenge your body with Bulgarian split squats? What if you trained your legs every single day? This is where the Bulgarian Split Squat challenge was born.

To build muscle, you need to accomplish a few things:

-Constantly get stronger.
-Train it frequently.
-Use a high volume.
-Pump it up every once in a while.

One huge factor here is that if you train the muscle frequently (3–6 times per week), you will be training with a high volume and most likely build strength. That takes care of 3/4.

Strength Coach Dan John has an incredible training program which seems to have been forgotten across the interwebz. It’s called “The 40 Day Program” and you train a lift every single day for 40-days straight. Each day, you will only do about 10 total reps of the lift. In the end, you get much stronger via practicing the lift. Practice makes perfect.

This got me thinking. How could we modify this to get your legs both bigger and stronger? Here’s what I’ve developed:

Monday: 2 sets of 5 reps on each leg

Tuesday: 5 sets of 2 reps on each leg

Wednesday: 1 set of 6 reps on each leg

Thursday: 3 sets of 3 reps on each leg

Friday: Widowmaker — 1 set of 20+ reps on each leg

Monday through Thursday are designed to use Dan John’s Rule of 10. The key here is to not load it super heavy. You want to leave about 2 reps in the tank. For instance, on Monday, use a weight that you can do for 7 reps (for 2 sets of 5 reps). After completing your set, ask yourself, “If someone had a gun to my head, how many more reps could I do with great form?” If your answer is 2, you’re doing fine. If not, adjust accordingly.

On Friday, you will do a widowmaker. Essentially, pick a weight that you can Bulgarian split squat for only 15–20 reps. Then do as many reps as possible (without putting the weight down). This means that you might do 15 reps, take 3 deep breaths, do another 4 reps, take 3 deep breaths, and then do 1 more rep (for a total of 20). After doing this on one leg, do the same amount of reps on the other leg with the same weight (but you’ll probably need to rest about 3 minutes between legs).

The workout above is meant to be done 5-days per week. It’s very short, though, and you don’t really need to warm up, so it only ends up taking like 5–10 minutes per day (if that).

On top of this, you’ll be training bodyweight Bulgarian split squats daily. Use this routine:

Day 1: 50 total reps on each leg
Day 2: 51 total reps on each leg
Day 3: 52 total reps on each leg

Day 90: 139 total reps on each leg

You probably won’t be able to do all reps in one set. Essentially, you’ll do as many Bulgarian split squats as possible, rest 60 seconds, do as many BSS’s as possible, rest 60 seconds and keep repeating until you do your total number of BSS’s for the day.

Complete all reps on one leg before doing the next leg.

For example, on Day 1, you might do 27 BSS’s, rest 60 seconds, 12 BSS’s, rest 60 seconds, 9 BSS’s, rest 60 seconds, and then finished off the last 2 BSS’s. Then you’d move on to your other leg.

This daily bodyweight routine will help build size in your legs. The gym routine (Mon-Fri) is meant to build strength and size in your legs. As you get stronger, add more weight. This way, you’re constantly increasing the volume, and your legs will get bigger and stronger.

Run the Bulgarian split squat challenge for 90 days, and watch your legs explode with new growth.

If you don’t feel like doing the Bulgarian Split Squat Challenge, but you do want to build your legs, then I recommend doing the Monster Legs 90 program.