Expand horizons with Cloud Computing

Independent Developer :

Developers can build applications for a specific purpose or for fun easily and quickly by leveraging public clouds. Let’s take an example of ‘Frosty’ who wants to start a carpool service for her community dwellers to commute to office. She sets up an account with a popular cloud vendor and starts building her carpool app. The users of the app can login and offer rides or accept offered rides.

Startup :

Public cloud model has been a boon to many startups who are instantly getting started without investment in physical data centers.

Medium Sized Business :

Public clouds offer plethora of dev tools to build net new cloud native applications leveraging agile principles and DevOps methodologies. Businesses can start with dev and testing on cloud before moving production workloads to cloud. Most cloud platforms also offer innovative technologies like IOT, AI, Big Data and Analytics which can be easily and quickly leveraged to build innovations at very affordable prices.

Large Business :

Large businesses typically have many use cases where cloud could be leveraged. It could be moving entire data center to the cloud, building innovative applications, modernizing existing applications, solve complex problems with high performance computing, mining big data sets or simply backup and recovery.



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Thejaswini Ramachandra

Thejaswini Ramachandra

Seasoned product management professional with expertise in Cloud Technologies. More about me @ thejaswini.com