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This week’s Passing Notions give creds — where creds are due. To the Republican presidential nominee, for acts above and beyond — to a man of self-stated sacrifice — a veritable profile in courage — I write this:

Homage To Donald John Trump

You are a rarity in the ranks of presidential politicians. Having earned the respect and loyalty of supporters; you brings to politics the same ethic and pathos that has earned you your fortunes.

An individual with guts and grit — enough to face the truth about America — to lead the forgotten and down trodden of us to the promise land. Donald J. you are a man of the people — a paisan, mensch and mi hermano.

As son Eric has proudly said: “[it] took a lot of courage in so many regards” for you to do what you did at and after the first Presidential Debate. It is only just and right to share some of these courageous acts with the world — to record them for posterity — to let future generations know of your generosity, compassion and willingness to take one for the team.

You Donald J. Trump:

« Restrained yourself against all odds from trash talking the Democratic nominee’s husband — poking Bill Clinton’s peccadillos — reminding his wife of his infidelities. Waiting until you were out of the auditorium and earshot of their innocent daughter — to tell us of your compassion and what you would have said had you not been the man you are.

« I can only imagine what other acts of courage you have undertaken in the name of restraint. I am awed by the other worldly discipline you show every time you don’t whip out your Junior Johnson to piss on reporters.

« Against all odds, you go forth in the night unafraid — indifferent to the detriment that surely lurks — to speak the truth — Miss Venezuela is fat — although not as fat perhaps as your great, good and loyal friend Chris Christie — a man you’ve said you love and respect — despite his hugeness. Yours’s is the voice in the Wilderness.

« Diogenes sought you for a lifetime — you, the rare man of honesty — a man who would risk occupancy of the White House in the name of truth.

« You have raised from obscurity — the lepers of the alt-right — society’s shunned and despised. You are the great egalitarian.

« You have freed us from the shackles of convention that imprison and silence us…from political correctness…allowing us to follow your lead and speak out our mouths whatever comes into our heads…free of convention and the niceties of human kindness.

I know I speak for all when I say we are touched by your presence.

Flame on Ye light of liberty — Ye son of Queens.