Seth Godin on Trust and Attention

I found myself finding enough time between various walks and train time Friday to listen to the entire Seth Godin episode of Tim Ferriss’ podcast. Unfortunately, while I greatly enjoy Tim’s content and find his work incredible…I just don’t have the 4-hour workweek mastered to the point of finding 2 hours to listen to a single podcast.

But, of all the people to listen to, Seth would definitely be worth it. His ability to deliver simple, crystal-clear marketing insights is really unparalleled. And while he delved into a wide variety of topics (including what I consider to be a tragedy of Elizabethan proportions, although it may not kill him, where he painstakingly roasts his own coffee beans, prepares amazing coffee…but doesn’t drink it because it doesn’t agree with him)

One of the marketing topics he did cover was a simple topic — that brands are competing for your Trust and Attention and how, as marketers, we approach that. When it comes to delivering marketing impact as we are very much in the Age of Authenticity and Relationships, no truer statement can be made. We are digitally clubbed in the head daily with an overwhelming quantity of content and ads. So, given our finite bandwidth, we filter out 99% of it and give our Attention to that which we Trust.

Who do we trust — we trust our family, our friends and interesting “experts” that we feel aren’t biased by compensation and are sincere in their words and actions. (I can’t imagine how overwhelmed the Rogue Chocolatier site was after he sang their praises.) I know that I get on the social word-of-mouth and brand advocacy soapbox (soap stage, soap tower?), but it is clearly time to comprehend that you can do more with less. That a small group of passionate, engaged, authentic fans can create a much larger impact than a rented mass.

But don’t take my word for it — take Seth’s. If you’re competing for Trust and Attention and that is what is going to actually impact your business, not whatever vanity metrics you have — what’s your approach?

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