Jen Long
Jen Long
Oct 23, 2015 · 2 min read

A bench, a public bench, oh what’s in a bench?

I found this small, public map of benches. Awesome! I can see how *THEY* structure bench data. However, it’s discovery brought up more questions than answers.

Taxonomy funs:
Now, just how should one classify benches on a map? First and foremost they are a lat / long. That is the most substantial differentiator. That is the most important thing to document. However, these benches still need to appear in a list. What would people want and need to see? Below I’ve added a few wireframes with some information hierarchies that came to mind.

I call this one “bench, bench, bench”.

Image for post
Image for post
Search results wireframe. I call this one “bench, bench, bench”

This one puts the place in the primary position.

Image for post
Image for post
Search results wireframe. This one makes place the primary info.

This one uses a name approach.

Image for post
Image for post

A place can have a bench. A place can have many benches. A bench does not need to have a place. A bench can be associated with a place, like a residence, but not actually BE there. A bench in a park could have a gate around it. Therefore, a bench could have hours. The only thing that the bench will definitely have is a lat / long.

Benches can have names. Names can be a little love poem like “secret garden bench” or a business name like “Joe’s Pizza” that, bless them, has invested in a little bit of public space kindness. Names can be addresses or park names. Names can be obscured to protect the bench’s parents ie. “private residence”.

Interaction funs:
Then there’s the question of what happens when you tap on the bench. Do you see a bench page? Do you see the Dolores Park page with the bench info highlighted on top? I think that you should see a bench specific page. With a picture. And the map. And anything else that is relevant. Like a short description. Because, really, you’re all about the bench. The place is context but not the thing in question itself.

I would also like to start adding “vibes” and architectural notes. Like “morning spot”, “solo reading”, “wooden detailing around arm rests”, “WPA-style” etc.

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